The study of anthropology is an excellent foundation for a wide variety of careers and graduate programs.

Recent Internships

Alexandra Harley interned with the International Institute of Minnesota as an Immigration Services intern.

Rachel Rostad interned with the International Institute of Minnesota as an Immigration Services intern.

Anne Gavin interned with Partners in Health helping with Development Project Management.

Katherine Meier interned with the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory as a Primate Intern.

Andrea Grimaldi ’16 (Villa Mercedes, Argentina) interned with United Nations Association Minnesota – Global Classrooms program, to help high school students prepare for Model UN conference.

Rachel Swanson ’15 (Lexington, KY) interned with the Alaska National Park Service, using ethnography and video to document local wordworking skills, including how kayaks on display at the Noatak National Preserve Museum were made.  Download a full transcript of “The Art of Arctic Woodworking.” In addition, check out her interview with James and Sally McClellan, who are featured in The Art of Arctic Woodworking video.

Cady Patton ’14 (Des Moines, Iowa) interned as the story-gathering coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  Using skills she gained in Anthropology courses, she conducted interviews with patients, volunteers, and donors and incorporated their stories in public outreach.

Leigh Bercaw ’12 (Berthoud, Colorado), Wellshare International intern

Margarite Blignaut ’11 (Pretoria, South Africa), Planned Parenthood (PPMNS) intern

Temilade Adedoyin ’11 (Providence, RI), International Institute of Minnesota, Immigration Services intern

Kazusa Yamashita ’11 (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), YouthCARE, Camp Sunrise, assistant counselor

Madeline Graham ’10 (Afton, Minn.), International Institute of Minnesota, Immigration Services intern

Emily Heckel ’10 (Lee, NH), Nonviolent Peace Force, web and database assistant

Mira Kohl ’10 (Antrim, NH), Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, English-Spanish translation intern

Sharmila Raghunandan ’10 (Bangelore, India), Suhruda Polyclinic, Chamarajpet, India, Comparative Health Practices intern

Bryce Slinger ’10 (Raleigh, N. Car.), Hennepin County Medical Center – Emergency Services, Research associate

Sarah Van Etten ’10 (Sarona, WI), Leap Academy, class assistant and tutor

The Macalester Career Development Center and Internship Office maintain a database of internship and job opportunities.