A student majoring in anthropology must complete one semester of study off-campus on either a domestic or foreign study program after successfully completing a course in research methods (either ANTH 230 or a similar course approved by the department). The off-campus program chosen by the student should have a substantial fieldwork-based component or the opportunity to engage in significant independent research. For this reason, the department does not recommend direct enrollment in foreign universities as a study abroad option. Where appropriate, a student may, with the permission of the department chair, count up to two courses taken on an off-campus program towards the major.

In recent years, Macalester anthropology majors have participated in study abroad programs in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, the Caicos Islands, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Uganda, and Vietnam.

For more information, visit the Center for Study Away website