Pete Ferderer: Research

Working Papers and Work in Progress

Has herding undermined the collective wisdom embodied in the Blue Chip consensus?
(with Adam Freedman ’12) Under review at the Journal of Money, Credit, & Banking.

How are superforecasters different?  An Analysis of the Blue Chip Forecasting Award Winners

Explaining the Competition Gender Gap: The Role of Sexism
(with Disa Hynsjö ’14 and Karine Moe)

Selected Publications

Advances in Communication Technology and Growth of the American Over-the-Counter Markets,
1876-1929, The Journal of Economic History 68(2) (June 2008).

Institutional Innovation and the Creation of Liquid Financial Markets: The case of Bankers’ Acceptances, 1914-1934, The Journal of Economic History 63(3) (September 2003).

To Raise the Golden Anchor? Financial Crises and Uncertainty during the Great Depression,
(with David Zalewski) The Journal of Economic History, 59(3) (September 1998).

Increasing Liquidity and the Declining Informational Content of the Paper-Bill Spread,
(Stephen C. Vogt, and Ravi Chahil) Journal of Economics and Business, 50 (1998).

The Determinants of Monetary Target Credibility, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 38(4) (1998).

Oil Price Volatility and the Macroeconomy, Journal of Macroeconomics, 18(1) (Winter 1996).

Uncertainty as a Propagating Force in the Great Depression, (with David Zalewski)
The Journal of Economic History 54(4) (December 1994).

Does Uncertainty Affect Investment Spending?  Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 16(1) (Fall 1993).

The Impact of Uncertainty on Aggregate Investment Spending: An Empirical Analysis,”
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 25(1) (Feb. 1993).