Associate Professor of Economics
International Trade, Industrial Organization, Transportation Economics

Carnegie Hall, 310C

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Friedt’s research is centered at the intersection of international trade, transportation economics, and urban economics.  It empirically investigates a host of economic issues ranging from the effects of transport policy and carrier conduct on the patterns and composition of international trade to the microeconomic ramifications for trade and land values arising from weather and climate extremes, as well as noise pollution.

Rooted in the synthesis of these fields, he has developed a multifaceted and cohesive research agenda that can be divided into three strands of scholarship.  His primary work explores the impact of transportation costs on international markets, the resilience of international trade against natural disasters and the resulting urban labor market externalities.  The second strand of his research explores the effects of transport infrastructure investments and infrastructure utilization on local economic development. Lastly, he has expanded his work on the externalities of transportation on urban environments and developed a research agenda investigating the urban equilibrium effects arising from aircraft noise pollution.  Professor Friedt teaches Principles of Economics, Introduction to International Economics, and the capstone course International Trade and Multinational Corporations.

BA: Whitworth University 2008
MS: University of Oregon 2013
PhD: University of Oregon 2017