2017 Economics Department Award Winners

The following awards were given to graduating seniors. They were each recognized at the department awards night and again during graduation at the senior honors convocation.

ELAINE GARTNER PILON AWARD — Established by Elaine Gartner Pilon ’45 in 1973 to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement by a senior majoring in economics. The award is given to the senior economics major with the highest overall and economics grade point averages. It consists of a cash prize plus a year’s subscription to Fortune magazine; the student’s name is also inscribed on a plaque in the department.
Stefan Faridani

VASANT SUKHATME ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD — One of the top prizes in the department, this award was established in 2011 to honor the long service and numerous contributions of our colleague Professor Vasant Sukhatme, who taught students the value of clear thinking, hard work and dedication to the highest academic standards.  A cash prize plus their name inscribe on a plaque. 
Natalie Kronebusch
Nikita Yatchenko

MIKE McEWEN PRIZE — Established in 1993 by his 1977 Finance classmates, this prize is dedicated to the memory of Mike McEwen.  Awarded annually to an outstanding scholar-athlete, majoring in Economics, who has participated in intercollegiate athletics.  Highly respected by students and faculty alike, Mike in his senior year was a first-string guard on Macalester’s basketball team. A cash prize plus their name on a plaque.
Megan Davitt
Jacob Simons

ROBERT L. BUNTING PRIZE IN ECONOMICS — Established in 1984 with gifts from colleagues and friends of Robert L. Bunting, who taught in the Department of Economics and Business from 1969 through 1984. He held the F.R. Bigelow Professorship of Economics at Macalester. The prize is awarded annually to an outstanding graduating senior who likely will undertake graduate work in economics and/or business, has an abiding interest in political economy, and will pursue an academic career. The student’s names are inscribed on a plaque.
Ibrahima Dieye
Eleanore Fuqua

DAVID MEISELMAN PRIZE — Established by an anonymous donor to honor David Meiselman, who taught in the Department of Economics from 1966 through 1971. The prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior for outstanding accomplishment in macroeconomic theory or policy.
Nicholas Michalesko
Noah Nieting

3M SCHOLAR AWARDS — Established by the department with a grant from the 3M Company in 1982. A cash prize awarded to those seniors who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in their economics courses at Macalester College. The students’ names are inscribed on a plaque in the department.
Laura Abril
Muath Ibaid
Karlyn Russell
Jessica Timerman
Sunakshi Wadhwa

JOHN M. DOZIER PRIZES IN ECONOMICS — Established in 1974 with personal gifts from members of the Board of Trustees of Macalester College in honor of John M. Dozier, Macalester Vice President for Financial Affairs from 1966 to 1974. Cash stipends are awarded annually by the faculty of the Economics Department from endowment earnings. Awards are made to students majoring in Economics to recognize demonstrated academic competence and an interest in a career in financial administration.

Nicole Caicedo
Caroline Chinhuru
Esha Datta
Sophia Gerdes
Yifan Gong
Qisheng Li
Forest Redlin
Rachel Siegel
Thyra Lindberg-Wysocki