The Hamre Center has moved parts of its operation to telehealth beginning 3/16/20.  All counseling appointments are via telehealth (video conferencing or phone if video doesn’t work).  Medical appointments are a hybrid – those that can be handled via telehealth such as medication refills, triage, mental health, etc. will be scheduled as telehealth and others that require “hands-on” will be set up as a physical appointment in the office.  We will maintain that structure as long as we have sufficient and appropriate staff and supplies in the office to support in-person appointments.  We are maintaining distribution of on-line supply requests that can be picked up at the Hamre Center (safer sex, sleep, menstrual supplies, and fentanyl test strips).  Students are able to request a real-time appointment via phone to purchase Plan B and are able to schedule pick-up of prescriptions that require a hard copy.  Insurance, health promotion and sexual violence prevention education staff are available but working remotely.

PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS – do not drop by.  If we are not able to answer your call, please leave a detailed message.  To schedule a counseling or medical appointment: indicate your name, best phone number or Macalester email to reach you at, which type of appointment you’d like to schedule (counseling or medical), the times you’re available to schedule that appointment, and if you have a provider preference (we will do our best to accommodate that preference). A staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. Students who come for an appointment or to pick something up, please enter the Leonard Center at the south entrance during office hours.

We offer a variety of counseling services to support students in their mental health, including short-term counseling, wellness groups, care coordination, 24-hour phone counseling, drop-in appointments, Let’s Talk, and medication management.

If you’re interested in counseling services, the first step will be an “Initial Consult” appointment. This 30 minute appointment serves as an opportunity to speak with a counselor about your needs, discuss options for care, and work together to create a plan for your care. Sometimes finding the most appropriate help may mean exploring resources other than those provided by the HWC counseling staff. If so, we will help you find other appropriate counseling and psychiatric resources.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please visit the Hamre Center’s front desk or call 651-696-6275.

If you need help after hours, please visit Urgent and Emergency Care.

If this is an emergency, please call 911. 

Drop-In During the Week

In addition to regularly scheduled appointments, Drop-in Counseling sessions are available each day on a first-come, first-served basis in the Hamre Center. Arrive up to 30 minutes prior to the drop-in time to reserve your spot. Through our Let’s Talk program, counselors also offer brief informal walk-in consultations every Wednesday from 3-4:30 in Kagin 120. 

Talk to Someone Now (Press 2)

If you want to speak to a counselor right away, please use our 24-hour phone counseling service. Simply call the Hamre Center at 651-696-6275. If someone answers, ask to be connected to “Press 2”. If it’s after hours, you will be prompted to press #2. After answering a few questions, you’ll be connected with a licensed counselor at Protocall.

All counseling services are confidential, offered at no charge, and designed to support students’ personal and academic success at Macalester.


How do counseling appointments work?

The basic model is a short term care model, but there are a few different types of appointments you  might have with a counselor, including an Initial Consultation, a regular counseling appointment, or a drop-in appointment. For regular, short term counseling appointments, sessions can be scheduled on a weekly or biweekly basis and are 45 minutes long. If a student would benefit from longer-term or more specialized care, counseling staff will help connect the student with an appropriate off-campus provider.

What is care coordination?

Care Coordination is the process of connecting students with appropriate resources. We know that finding and connecting with the right provider can be difficult, so we have special appointments to help you with that process. Our Care Coordinator, Julia, will talk with you about what you’re looking for, offer ideas, discuss insurance and financial questions, and can even help you make a phone calls to schedule appointments.

What if I can’t get an appointment or it’s after hours and I need to talk to someone?

In addition to Urgent and Emergency Care Resources, the Hamre Center offers a 24/hr telephone counseling support service called “Press 2”. For immediate counseling needs after hours, please call the Hamre Center at 651-696-6275. If the HWC is open, ask to be connected to “Press 2”. If it’s after hours, you will be prompted to press #2 to be connected with a licensed counselor at Protocall.  

I need to find an off-campus counselor or psychiatrist. Can you help?

Yes! Sometimes finding the most appropriate help for you may mean finding resources outside the Hamre Center. If so, our Care Coordinator can assist you in finding off-campus services that meet your specific needs and insurance coverage.

I need help getting medication. Can you help?

All members of our medical provider staff can meet with you and either continue medications you started at home, initiate new prescriptions, or talk to you about ways to integrate medical and counseling care for your mental health. Learn more about mental health medication services.