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Student Employment Checklist

Finding a Job on Campus

First year students who receive a student employment award are given access to online job postings and may begin applying for positions in mid-May.

Due to the limited number of open positions, it may be difficult for students to be hired in their first choice of job or department. The majority of new student employees will work in departments employing the largest number of students, including Facilities Services, Cafe Mac and Athletics. Students who are lifeguard certified are strongly encouraged to apply for a Lifeguard position.

Frequently Asked Questions

I applied for jobs, but the item has not been marked as complete. When will that happen? 

This item will be marked as complete once you have been selected for a job.

How many jobs should I apply for? 

You may apply for as many positions as you like. There are many students applying for positions, so we recommend applying for 3-5 positions.

Can I change jobs? 

First year students may not change jobs until Spring semester. The first position you agree to is your job for the year unless you decide to switch after first semester.

Do I have to work on campus? 

No. Students are not required to work on campus.

Can I work on campus even though I don’t have a student employment award? 

Potentially. Students with a student employment award are give priority for positions. Once those students have jobs, any remaining positions can be filled by students without an award. Students without an award can apply for positions beginning in the Fall.

Once I am hired, should I withdraw my other applications? 

Yes! It is a courtesy to other supervisors to let them know when you have been selected for another position. Applications can be withdrawn via the job dashboard. Go to the Student Life tab in 1600grand, click on Find a Job and the Dashboard.

What if I’m not selected for the positions I applied for?

If the application deadline passes and you haven’t yet been selected for a position, please reach out to Student Employment.