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Student Employment Forms

  • Employee Change Notice/ Award Release (eForm)– Student employees can initiate this eForm to make changes to their student employment position such as changing jobs or adding a new position.  The eForm will request:  1) your name and email 2) release amount- 1/2 remaining award, full remaining award, or other (total number of hours multiplied by hourly rate) 3) your New/Additional Supervisor’s name and email 4) your Current Supervisor’s name and email.  Once you complete the form, it will be automatically routed to the supervisors listed, and then to Student Employment.  You will receive a copy of the completed, signed request via email once the request has been processed.
  • Performance Evaluation Guide (PDF) – Use this Performance Evaluation Guide to foster a supportive climate of dialogue that serves as a tool to assists student employees in further developing their skills. It is suggested departments evaluate and/or engage with their student employees’ at the beginning of the academic year, mid-way through and again at the end of the year by participating in conversation around the Performance Development Discussion Points or completing the Performance Evaluation (both included in this guide). It is to the discretion of the departments to decide how they would like to engage in conversation and evaluate their student employees. Form download instructions.
  • Request for Increase (PDF) –  Award increases are granted on a limited basis. There are situations that may warrant an award increase such as: financial hardship or an employer is unable to train a new employee cannot function without an employee in this position. Submit completed and signed form to the Student Employment office for consideration.
  • Discipline Action Report (PDF)  – Supervisors should follow the Student Employment Discipline Procedures when a student employee is not performing up to the supervisor’s expectations. All Discipline Action Reports must be sent to Student Employment.

*Once clicking the link to the PDF, download the form to enable electronic signature.