Mission Statement

International Student Programs serves the educational and personal development needs of Macalester’s international student body. This involves integrating international students into all aspects of college life, helping them participate in and contribute to Macalester’s high quality liberal arts education, and assisting them in applying their learning to their own lives and cultural contexts. It also includes helping create an intellectually and culturally supportive environment among students, faculty, and staff, and assisting the College and community in gaining from the presence of students from different countries and cultures.

International Student Programs carries out the U.S. government-mandated functions that allow Macalester to issue documents for international students to attend the College, including assisting international students in maintaining their legal status and helping international students access resources and opportunities allowed by U.S. law.

International Student Programs Goals

  • Excellence in academic achievement
  • Effectiveness in interpersonal relations across cultures
  • Group and task effectiveness across cultures
  • Retention, graduation, and continued involvement with Macalester
  • Successful re-integration and application of the Macalester education in home countries and cultures (or application and further adaptation of this education in the United States)