You MUST schedule an appointment with a tax tutor to file your taxes with ISP. Print and complete your Intake Form beforehand OR come 15 minutes early to complete it!

Filing for 2016 taxes deadline has passed. Deadline for filing 2017 taxes is April 15, 2018.

If you have to pay Minnesota taxes, follow this link to find your payment options!

Check the status of your federal refund here.

For more information on why you file taxes, residency status, tax treaties, Glacier and more, see the Employment Services International Visitor Tax Instructions (FAQs).

Publication 519 - U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens is also a useful source of information for preparing your tax returns.

Are you studying abroad? Email us and we'll help you file your taxes through Skype and email. See above to schedule an appointment (keeping in mind the time difference).

Are you a Resident Alien for tax purposes? Learn if you need to file federal taxes to the IRS by completing this short survey Unfortunately, ISP can't help you but you can easily file your federal and possibly state taxes using one of these online sites. Make sure to check whether federal/state online filing in each of these sites is free or at a cost. You can also use an online site for federal taxes and file your own Minnesota taxes and fill out your own tax forms.  Last, check out free services offered by Prepare and Prosper in Saint Paul, who help individuals making less than $35,000 and families making less than $55,000. Best of luck!

Are you a 2016 alumnus? If you (1) are still a Non-Resident Alien for Tax Purposes and (2) are still in town, we can help you if you come to ISP. If you wish to schedule an appointment with us, please follow the instructions provided under "Filing Taxes" above. If you worked for Macalester and were issued a W-2, it was mailed to the permanent address that Macalester has on file. You can still use Glacier Tax Prep to file 2016 taxes and access your 1042-S there (if you received one).