Andrea Liu, Program Assistant, (Class of 2023) is originally from China and lived in the Chicago area for three years prior to Macalester. She majors in Asian Studies. She enjoys reading, swimming, eating, and being goofy with her friends. She looks forward to meeting everyone in the fall!




Uditi Chandrashekhar, Program Assistant, (Class of 2024) is from a few different places in India. She is majoring in Physics and Psychology (and perhaps minoring in Ed. Studies). She loves to travel, read, listen to music and have intense conversations. She is grateful for the international student community at Mac. She started working at ISP in the spring of 2021.



Nibia Vallerie Becerra Santillan, Program Assistant, (Class of 2025) is from Callao, Peru. She studied in Arusha, Tanzania, for two years right before coming to Mac. She is planning to major in Biology but is looking for new interests and is open to change! Nibia loves dancing, especially  Traditional Peruvian dances, baking with friends, swimming, and trying new things. She is looking forward to having an exciting first-year experience at Macalester. She started working with ISP in the fall of 2021.


Ko Horiuchi, Program Assistant, (Class of 2025) is from Tokyo, Japan, but has also lived in London, UK. He is a Psychology major and considering minoring in English and Education. Ko loves playing the violin and is currently teaching himself the piano. He also likes reading and taking walks around campus. He started working with the ISP in the summer of 2022.



Joanna (Zile) Zeng, Program Assistant, (Class of 2025), is from Xiamen, China. She is a double major in Anthropology and Media Cultural Studies. She enjoys baking, reading, and all kinds of outdoor activities. She started working with the ISP in the summer of 2022.



Xander Harrison Hall, Program Assistant, (Class of 2026) has a diverse background. He has American, British, and Norwegian roots, and grew up in Oslo, Norway. For his major, Xander is interested in Economics and Mathematics, but is also considering Psychology. In his spare time, Xander loves participating in sports: he is on the rugby and volleyball club teams, but also enjoys basketball and football (the European kind!). Xander also loves reading, socializing, and eating Indian food. He started working with ISP in the fall of 2022.