Uditi Chandrashekhar, Program Assistant, (Class of 2024) is from a few different places in India. She is double majoring in physics and psychology with a minor in educational studies. She loves to travel, read, listen to music and have meaningful conversations. She is grateful for the international student community at Mac and hopes to work in student support roles in educational spaces. She started working at ISP in the spring of 2021
Nibia Vallerie Becerra Santillan, Program Assistant, (Class of 2025) was born and raised in Callao, Peru. She studied in Arusha, Tanzania for two years right before coming to Mac. She is majoring in Biology and starting out with a Data Science major (as a junior). We’ll see how that goes.  Nibia loves spending time with friends, dancing, especially  Traditional Peruvian dances, cooking -as she recently moved off-campus-, and trying new things. This fall she is trying Row Club Crew out without any previos experience. She enjoys and actively works on forming community on campus, specially for international students. She started working with ISP in the fall of 2021.
Ko Horiuchi, Program Assistant, (Class of 2025) is from Tokyo, Japan, but has also lived in London, UK. He is a Psychology major who loves to play around with coding and spreadsheets. Ko enjoys playing the violin and is currently teaching himself the piano. He also likes drawing (sketches and watercolours) and taking photographs. He started working with the ISP in the summer of 2022.
Joanna (Zile) Zeng, Program Assistant, (Class of 2025), is from Xiamen, China. She is a double major in Anthropology and Media Cultural Studies. Joanna enjoys baking, reading, video making, bouldering, and all kinds of outdoor activities. She is also a member of the Macalester African Music Ensemble. She started working with the ISP in the summer of 2022.
Minseo Kim, Program Assistant, (Class of 2025) is from Woodbury, Minnesota but was born in South Korea. She is majoring in Economics and Religious Studies with a minor in Statistics. She enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends and family, and visiting nature parks. She also recently joined an ensemble to refresh her violin skills. She started working at ISP summer of 2023.
Xander Harrison Hall, Program Assistant, (Class of 2026) is grown up in Oslo, Norway, but also has British and American ancestry. He is majoring in both Economics and Mathematics, and has a passion for learning new things. In his free time Xander enjoys playing various sports (rugby, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball, just to name a few), as well as reading and playing board games. He started working at ISP in the fall of 2022.
Eline Visser, Program Assistant, (Class of 2026)
Linh Nguyen, Program Assistant, (Class of 2026)
Zhihao Liu, Program Assistant, (Class of 2024) is from Nanjing, China, who has also lived in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania for 5 years prior to Macalester.  He is majoring in Media & Cultural Studies and International Studies, and minoring in Music and Political Science. He loves playing table-top games and video games, listening to (and playing/singing) music, critically viewing films, and has been trying to get into photography and videography more recently. He also really enjoys travelling and making detailed travel plans (though many of them were never accomplished). Zhihao loves to work with international students as a program assistant at ISP, and is looking forward to meet even more interesting souls from around  the world!!