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Economics Support

picture of Math/Econ tutors spring 2024
Math/Econ Tutors Spring 2024

The MAX Center has tutors and staff available to help you in ECON 119 classes.

Click on the course link below to view tutor schedules. Calendars do not show scheduled appointments, only tutors’ scheduled work hours.

Dave Ehren can also help you with these and any other math classes.

Economics Tutor Schedules

Working as a Peer Economics Tutor

Do you love economics? Do you enjoy problem solving? Are you the go-to person when your friends need help with their assignments? If so, then come work as a peer tutor in the MAX Center!

Peer tutors aren’t necessarily econ majors, but they must have a passion for the subject that they can relay to the students they work with.

We will teach you the skills that you need in order to work as an econ tutor. Click here to learn more!

Contact Reports

Tutors and Clients should fill out a contact report after each visit.

Other Resources

  • Wolfram MathWorld
    Useful website for looking up math topics, using Mathematica technology