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Chemistry Support

Fall 2023 Science Tutors

The MAX Center has tutors and staff available to help you in a variety of Chemistry classes.

Click on the course links below to view tutor schedules. Calendars do not show scheduled appointments, only tutors’ scheduled work hours.

Chemistry Tutor Schedules

Working as a Peer Science Tutor

Do you love science? Do you enjoy problem solving? Are you the go-to person when your friends need help with their assignments? If so, then come work as a peer tutor in the MAX Center!

Peer tutors aren’t necessarily science majors, but they must have a passion for the subject that they can relay to the students they work with.

We will teach you the skills that you need in order to work as a science tutor. Click here to learn more!

Contact Reports

Tutors and Clients should fill out a contact report after each visit.

Other Resources