DeWitt Wallace Professor of Mathematics, Emerita
Functional analysis, redistricting

After 28 years of working with fantastic colleagues and amazing students, Professor Saxe accepted an opportunity to serve the larger mathematics and higher education community. She is now Associate Executive Director of the American Mathematical Society and Director of the Office of Government Relations. She represents the 30,000 members of the AMS in science policy discussions at the federal level and connects the math community to decision-makers in Washington, DC. Her work includes organizing briefings in Congress, which illustrate how federal investment in basic research in math and science pays off for American taxpayers and helps the nation remain a world leader in innovation. She continues to take joy in mentoring students and early-career mathematicians, in part through her work running DC-based fellowship opportunities to improve public understanding of science and technology. She can be reached at [email protected]

  • BA: Bard College, 1982
  • MS: University of Oregon, 1984
  • PhD: University of Oregon, 1988