Faith Milon ’22 – Marketing Intern at Full Circle Theater Company

Where is your internship and what is your role there? How did you come across this opportunity?
I was a marketing intern at Full Circle Theater Company in St. Paul. Claudia connected me with them. Due to the pandemic, my internship was entirely virtual. This was great for me since I don’t drive! It gave me an opportunity that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

What did a typical day look like at Full Circle?
The majority of my role was centered around promotional work. I created posts for their various social¬†media platforms, I organized their email and Google Drive, and I attended promotional meetings with other members of the team. I even read through play submissions and attended a board meeting. Since I set my own schedule (needing only to reach 10 hours minimum it didn’t matter when I got those hours as long as I met their deadlines), there was no “typical” day. I checked the company email whenever I could and met their promotional deadlines. I did most of my work in the evenings and on weekends since that was when I was most free.
What did you love about this internship?
The kindness and flexibility of the FCTC team allowed me to learn so much despite the circumstances. I’m even doing some independent contracting work with them over the summer! My advice to students thinking about getting an internship is this: If you’re nervous or scared, don’t be afraid to take the plunge. I know I was nervous about the workload even as I accepted the position but I don’t have regrets (even if at times I did feel a tad overwhelmed between school and work/internship). If you think you can make it work, don’t miss out on the opportunity! You never know what you might learn or the connections you might make.

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