Jess Yates ’22 – Yellow Tree Theatre

What do you love about this job?
I love everything about this job. Yellow Tree Theatre’s space is beautiful, I love getting to know the kids and working with them on their goals and ideas, and I love the friends and mentors I’ve made through the process. It’s truly fulfilling work and I leave every day feeling energized and excited!

How has your role been impacted by the pandemic?
We screen students every morning for COVID symptoms, check their temperatures, and enforce social distancing policies including wearing masks.

What have you learned about yourself in this job?
I have learned more about the Twin Cities theatre community in this job than anywhere else. I have learned that pushing myself is great, but taking card of and prioritizing myself is better. My fantastic mentors at Yellow Tree have really taught me how compassion can change an entire project’s energy, and that leadership starts with serving others.

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