Many MSCS students collaborate with their professors in research and/or engage in internships during college.

There are opportunities for paid summer research supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Keck Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Some students live on campus and are paid to do research with faculty sponsors. Other students have attended summer research programs (REU) at other universities around the country. In addition to publishing, many of our students attend national meetings of mathematics, statistics, and computer science professional societies and present their work.


MSCS students connect with the local and national community through paid internships and volunteering. Some recent internships:

Mo Liu '12 (Beijing, China), Cooperative Energy Futures

Mame Diarra Gueye '11 (Dakar, Senegal), Credit Suisse Securities

Wanyi Li '11 (Shanghai, China), Project for Pride in Living

Yenee Soh '11 (Seoul, South Korea), Science Museum of Minnesota

Lijuan Wang '11 (Shan Dong, China), Gigi's Guide

Emily Merrill '10 (Coppell, Texas), Great River Greening

Tao Wen '10 (Shanghai, China), Kramer, Lathrop, Brewer Financial

Sami Saqer '10 (Gaza Strip, Palestine), Thomson Reuters

Isaac Sparling '10 (New York, N.Y.), GroupLens Research, University of Minnesota

Robin Weiss '10 (Takoma Park, Md.), Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Collaborative Research

Some of the peer-reviewed collaborative papers that have resulted from such collaborations follow.

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