Mac Downtown Club – Saint Paul, MN

Macalester alumni are part of a special group of motivated, innovative, creative and socially-conscious individuals who span the globe and occupy special niches in every conceivable career.We learned to merge the creative with the intellectual. We have started businesses, excelled at corporations, invented with abandon, written our truths and walked pathways that few, if any, have ventured. We are connected because we have shared that special bond of the Macalester experience. Why not continue our shared connection through Macalester Career Clubs?

How to Use this Toolkit

This Toolkit offers options from which you can choose, from potential cohorts to platforms. Simply take a look at the wide variety of suggestions and match them with your interests, your goals for the Club, your career focus, your major at Mac or your preference in Club format. A successful Career Club should fit your personal style, in the format most comfortable for you. Typically, clubs will require from 5 – 10 hours per month for research, set-up, execution and follow-up.