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em dash

*No spaces around an em dash (—): “He knew—or thought he knew—he was right.”

*Web use: Encode em dashes in HTML as —. Use spaces around dash.

en dash

*Longer than a hyphen but shorter than an em dash. Generally means “through.” Follow Chicago 6.83–6.86. Ex: 1979–83, chapters 2–4, the London–Paris train.

*Use the en dash for scores: “The Scots won 10–7.”

*Web use: Encode em dashes in HTML as —. Use spaces around dash.


• Use month-day-year sequence (omit the year if it’s obvious). Ex: June 3, 2009

• Time, day, date, place is the proper order.

• Use cardinal, not ordinal, numbers: June 30, not June 30th.

• Do not separate month and year sequence with a comma: September 2003.

• Use day of week in invitations (Friday, Saturday, etc.)

• In text use a comma after the year. Ex: Her party is on Friday, June 13, 2009, at the Campus Club.

dean’s list

• Lowercase


• Capitalize a department’s full, formal name: Philosophy Department, Geology Department (Follow Chicago 8.73.)

• Administrative departments: Use caps for the formal names of all campus offices: Admissions Office, Alumni Relations, Dean of Students Office, Development Office.

DeWitt Wallace Library

• The formal title of Macalester’s library is the DeWitt Wallace Library (capitalize). Other references include: the library (lowercase). See the appendix for names of other campus buildings.