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spaces between sentences

*After the punctuation at the end of a sentence, period, question mark, etc., there should be one space, not two, before the first word of the next sentence.

spelling, misc.


*St. Paul (use Saint only in postal addresses)

*Plural of a single letter: the three Rs

*Plural of multiple letters ABCs

*Internet (capped)


• Use en dashes, not hyphens, in scores: “Macalester defeated St. Olaf 49–6.”

• In describing events that include distance, add a hyphen for compound adjectives (“the men’s 100-meter dash”), but not when the phrase is used as a noun (“He ran the 100 meters”). Note, too, that “meter” (or “yard”) is singular in the former instance, plural in the latter.

• Lowercase names of individual sports: rugby, men’s cross-country, volleyball.

staff, staff members

• See faculty/staff.

state names

• Spell out in text. Use two-letter postal abbreviations (no periods) only in addresses, with zip codes. But use AP stylebook abbreviations for lists and where space is limited (See appendix.) Retain commas in addresses, especially after cities.

• There is no need to use state names with the cities listed in the Associated Press Stylebook under “Datelines” (See cities). To this list, we add St. Paul.

Step Forward (the campaign)

  • italicized, as in “The Step Forward campaign …”

Study Away

No hyphen, even when used as a modifier.