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• Spell out and always use a numeral: 7 percent.

photo captions

See captions/cutlines.


• Singular common nouns that end in s: add ’s. Ex. the class’s graduation party

• Singular proper nouns that end in s: add ’s. Ex. Davis’s book, Texas’s laws, Congress’s deadline

• Plural common nouns that end in s: add only an apostrophe. Ex. “the three dogs’ bowl”

• Proper nouns with plural form: add only an apostrophe. Ex. “United States’, General Motors’, the Petersons’ house”


• Follow Chicago 7.90.

president of Macalester

• In a first reference to President Rosenberg in external publications, give his title and full name: “President Brian C. Rosenberg.” Thereafter, refer to him as “President Rosenberg.” But, “Brian Rosenberg is the president of Macalester College” (lowercase “president”). (See also titles, personal.)

proofreaders’ marks

• To be sure that your proofreading changes are correctly understood, use the proofreaders’ marks found at merriam-webster.com/dictionary/proofreaders.