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names, personal

• In text, first reference should include full name; later references last name only. Repeat first name only to avoid confusion with someone else with the same last name.

newspaper names

• If the name of a newspaper you’re citing includes the city but not the state, and the city is not on the Associated Press Stylebook’s list of stand-alone cities (see cities), use the following style: Oberlin (Ohio) News-Tribune. Note that the name of the Star Tribune, which is published in the Twin Cities, does not include a city name.


• Use quotation marks, not parentheses, for nicknames: Muriel “Tootsie” Smith Jones ’45.


• Spell out one through nine. Use numerals for 10 and up. Follow style for ages as well: “a six- year-old boy,” “a 47-year-old man,” “10-square-foot room.”

• Exceptions for consistency: “five or ten years from now,” “Either 5 people or 312 people”

• Ordinal numbers and superscript. Do not use superscript with ordinal numbers, i.e. use “the 20th century” or “20th-century literature,” not “the 20th century” or “20th-century literature.” (Superscript may not translate correctly when transferred to programs outside Word.) If Word 2007 is set to do this automatically, click the Office button; select Word Options; select Proofing (on the left); select the Auto Correct Options box; select the Auto Correct tab; uncheck “Ordinals (1st) with superscript.” Repeat with the Auto Correct As You Type tab. Click OK.