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Web addresses

Never any spaces between characters; no period at end unless it’s the end of a sentence; all lowercase

  • When necessary because of a line break, break an electronic address on either side of a slash (keep two slashes together) or at a period, which goes at the beginning rather than at the end of a line. Don’t break at a hyphen (or, if necessary, break before, not after, a hyphen), and never add a hyphen.
  • In print, the “http://” is not used when referring to a web site. The “www.” is not used when referring to the main Macalester web site or other websites that do not require typing in “www.” Most browsers will find most sites without the www., but if you’re not sure, please test it.


*“That” is a restrictive, or defining, pronoun; it introduces a phrase or clause that is essential to the meaning of the sentence. Ex. Mary went to a school that was known for its rigor.

*“Which” is a nonrestrictive, or descriptive, pronoun; the phrase or clause it introduces, which is usually set off by commas, could be eliminated without changing the meaning of the sentence. Ex. Mary went to Macalester, which is in Minnesota, with her cousin Louise.

World Wide Web

*Capitalize: the Web. But: webpage, website, webcam, webcast, webmaster