Edward J Noble Professor
Macroeconomics, Economic History, Behavioral & Experimental Economics

Carnegie Hall, 306

Curriculum Vitae



Professor Ferderer’s research focuses on the implications of cognition and the formation of beliefs on economic behavior.  For example, his recent paper, “Has herding undermined the collective wisdom embodied in the Blue Chip consensus?” argues that professional forecasters did not anticipate the Great Recession because they have become less independent and are using less diverse predictive models.  Professor Ferderer has also written on the historical development of 19th and 20th century financial markets, the Great Depression, and the role of oil in the macroeconomy.  He has published articles in The Journal of Economic History, Journal of Money, Credit, & Banking, Journal of Macroeconomics and other journals.  Professor Ferderer has received grants from the Mellon Foundation and Economic History Association, was a visiting scholar at the Levy Economics Institute, and served as President of the Minnesota Economic Association and Vice-President of the Midwest Economic Association.  He teaches Behavioral and Experimental Economics, World Economic History, Intermediate Macroeconomics and Principles of Economics.

BA: University of St. Thomas, 1983
MA: Washington University in St. Louis, 1985
PhD: Washington University in St. Louis, 1989