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Dependent Tuition Assistance Program (DTAP)

The Dependent Tuition Assistance Program (DTAP) provides up to eight (8) semesters of tuition benefits for dependent children, spouses, and domestic partners at various local and regional colleges and universities.  DTAP may only be used for students seeking their first bachelor’s degree.  Please see the DTAP Program Guidelines (PDF) for additional information.

  • Eligibility

    Macalester staff and faculty members who aren’t in a collective bargaining unit may be eligible for DTAP.

    Staff and faculty members with an FTE of 0.75 or higher and who have worked at Macalester for at least one year are eligible for up to eight semesters of tuition benefits.

    Staff and faculty members with an FTE of 0.50 – 0.74 and who have worked at Macalester for 10 or more continuous years are eligible for up to four semesters of tuition benefits.

    Winter terms, summer sessions, and non-traditional/adult undergraduate programs are not covered through this program.

  • How to Apply

    Application Deadline: January 15

    All DTAP Applications and ACM Certifications of Eligibility are due by January 15th of each year in order to be eligible to participate the following academic year. This allows us to notify schools of your students eligibility before they send you financial aid information. Our goal is to help schools provide you with as much accurate information as possible before your student makes their final decision.

    New Students

    1. Complete the online DTAP Application to certify eligibility by January 15.
    2. If your student is applying to an ACM school, you must complete the ACM Certification of Eligibility Form (eForm) and submit cash or a check for the $25 participation fee (payable to ACM) by January 15.
    3. As soon as your student has made a final decision, regardless of if that school participates in the DTAP program, you will need to complete the Applicant’s Confirmation of Participation Form (eForm).

    Returning Students

    1. If your student is returning to an ACTC or ACM school, you will only need to complete the online DTAP Application to certify eligibility by January 15.
    2. If your student is switching schools; taking a gap semester; taking a gap year; or taking a leave of absence, please contact .

  • ACTC Participating Schools

    • Augsburg University
    • Hamline University
    • Macalester College
    • St. Catherine University
    • University of St. Thomas

  • ACM Participating Schools

    • Beloit College
    • Coe College
    • Colorado College
    • Cornell College
    • Grinnell College
    • Knox College
    • Lake Forest College
    • Lawrence University
    • Luther College
    • Macalester College
    • Monmouth College
    • Ripon College
    • St. Olaf College

  • Study Away

    DTAP for when your student participates in a study away program varies depending on if your student’s school participates in ACTC or in ACM.

    • If your student attends an ACTC school, your student is not eligible to receive tuition benefits while participating in the study away program.  You and your student will be responsible for any incurred fees.
    • If your student attends an ACM school, tuition benefits can be used for all approved off-campus study away programs.
    • If your student attends Macalester College and you are an employee of Macalester College, tuition benefits can be used for all approved off-campus study away programs.

  • Financial Aid/Scholarships

    Your student may be eligible for different scholarships while still receiving DTAP.

    Each institution handles the scholarships and grants different.  All questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at the school your student is attending/plans to attend.

  • Taxes

    Federal tax law requires that the child be a dependent for the tax year in which the tuition benefit is received. If the parents of the child are divorced or separated, and the Macalester employee is not the parent who claims the child as a dependent on the Federal income tax return, the child may still qualify for the tuition remission benefits as long as the Macalester employee meets the IRS “Support Test for Children of Divorced or Separated Parents”. This is spelled out in IRS Publication 504. We are not a tax experts and are unable to advise on whether or not you would meet the support test. We are only able to provide you with the information and would suggest reaching out to a tax expert to help determine if you would meet the requirements.

  • Resources/Contact

    Randi Hartman
    HR Generalist