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Vision Insurance

Vision and eye care are critical components of your overall health and well-being. Whether your vision is 20/20 or less than perfect, regular vision check-ups are important. We offer vision care benefits as part of our commitment to total health and wellness. You may register as a member on the VSP Vision website for more targeted provider results.

Macalester employees with a 0.50 FTE or higher are eligible for coverage.  Employees may add spouses, registered domestic partners, dependent children up to age 26 as well as other legal dependents.

The below tables are only a summary of cost/care/networks.  The Certificate of Coverage will be used for all error and claims processing.

  • Plan Coverage Summary

    You can choose any optometrist you would like.  However, under the vision plan, cost coverage is based on whether your optometrist is In-Network or Out-of-Network.

    Service/Feature In-Network Out-of-Network
    WellVision Exam 1 Every Calendar Year 1 Every Calendar Year
    Contact Lens Exam, Fitting, & Eval 1 Every Calendar Year Not Covered
    Either glasses lenses or contact lenses
    1 Pair Every Calendar Year (Glasses)
    1 Allowance Every Calendar Year (Contacts)
    1 Pair Every Calendar Year (Glasses)
    1 Allowance Every Calendar Year (Contacts)
    Frames 1 Every Other Calendar Year 1 Every Other Calendar Year


    Coverage In-Network Out-of-Network
    WellVision Exam $10 co-pay, then 100% $10 co-pay, then 100% up to $45
    Routine Retinal Scanning $39 co-pay, then 100% Not covered
    Contact Lens Exam, Fitting, & Eval
    Standard & Premium
    $25 co-pay, then 100% up to $60 Not covered
    Frames $150 allowance, then 20% off balance. Extra $20 allowance on featured brands. 100% up to $70
    Contact Lenses – Medically Necessary $25 co-pay, then 100% $25 co-pay, then 100% up to $210
    Contact Lenses – Elective 100% up to $150 $25 co-pay, then 100% up to $105
    Lenses – Single Vision $25 co-pay, then 100% $25 co-pay, then 100% up to $30
    Lenses – Bifocal $25 co-pay, then 100% $25 co-pay, then 100% up to $50
    Lenses – Trifocal $25 co-pay, then 100% $25 co-pay, then 100% up to $165
    Lenses – Lenticular $25 co-pay, then 100% $25 co-pay, then 100% up to $100
    Lenses – Progressive $25 co-pay, then 100% $25 co-pay, then 100% up to $50
    Lens Enhancements Premium Progressive Lenses – $95-$105
    Custom Progressive Lenses – $150-$175
    Standard Anti-Reflective Coating – $41
    Photochromatic Lenses – $75
    Solid Tints and Dyes – $0
    Plastic Gradient Tints – $17
    Polycarbonate Lenses – $31 – $35; $0 for children
    Scratch-Resistant Coating – $17
    UV Protection – $16
    Not covered
    Laser Vision Correction – Discounted access through VSP Laser VisionCare Average savings of 15-20% off retail or 5% off promotional process Not covered

    Extra Savings

    Glasses and Sunglasses
    • Extra $20 to spend on featured frame brands. Go to for details.
    • 20% savings on additional glasses and sunglasses, including lens enhancements, from an VSP provider within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam

    To find In-Network providers, visit VPS Vision’s website.

  • Plan Premiums

    Coverage Level Monthly Rate
    Employee $6.24
    Employee + 1 $12.57
    Employee + 2 or more $22.17

  • Resources

    • Visit
    • Call 800-877-7195 (Toll Free)
    • VSP Benefit Summary (PDF)
    • VSP Provider Search (PDF)
    • VSP Simple Values – access to valuable discounts and everyday savings on prescription drugs, pet care, live entertainment, movie tickets and more!
    • VSP Exclusive Member Extras – Discounts on hearing aids and batteries for members and extended family members, contact lens rebates, Eyewear Protection program, and more! A full list of our Extras is available on our website, under Offers.
    • VSP Eyeconic OverviewVSP’s online eyewear store where VSP members can use their benefits to buy glasses or contact lenses. Shipping is free and a virtual try-on is available!
    • VSP doesn’t send out ID Cards. What you will do instead is let the provider know that you have insurance through VSP Vision and they will be able to look you up in their system. When a dependent schedules an appointment, they also only need to mention your name and VSP Vision. It really is that simple!

  • Creating your online account

    1. Visit
    2. Click on Create an Account located on the upper right hand corner of your screen
    3. Fill in the following information:

    • Last 4 digits of your SSN
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Email Address (this will become your username)
    • Phone Number (optional)
    • Preferred Language

    Once you have created your account, you will receive a confirmation email. You will want to click on the link that you receive within 48 hours to activate your account. Once it is activated, you will be set up to use your VSP account.

  • Plan Documents