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Employee Assistance Program

We all experience life changes and challenges from time to time.  When you need some extra support, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is just a call or click away.  These services are all confidential and available to you at no additional cost to you and your family members (anyone living in your home). Licensed professionals are available 24/7. Through the EAP, you can access webcasts and the services listed below.

  • Services offered by EAP

    Emotional Health Support

    Get referrals to dedicated, licensed counselors. You will have access to 3 counseling sessions per issue, per year, with counselor in your area. Connect by phone, in virtual session or face-to-face for support on a range of topics such as:

    • Mental Health
    • Relationships
    • Parenting
    • Management of anxiety, depression, and stress
    • Substance Use

    To schedule an appointment online for face-to-face or video session login to your account and search for an in-network counselor. You will want to make sure you get your EAP code. You’ll need this code to give to your network provider.

    Home Life Support

    EAP is able to help with issues that impact your work-life balance including:

    • Senior Care
    • Back to school resources
    • Home Repairs
    • Moving
    • Pet Care

    Child Care and Parenting Support

    Whether you’re a parent now or have hopes of being one someday, you have access to confidential resources, information and referrals for every age and stage. Receive advice and support regarding these and other topics:

    • Adoption
    • Pregnancy and infertility
    • Special needs
    • Nursing your infant
    • Child care, back-up care, and sick child care
    • Resources for all education and developmental stages

    Financial Support

    Whether you need help with budgeting strategies, home refinancing, Medicare, or if you should buy vs. lease a car, EAP can connect you with professional assistance. You will receive a no-cost 30-minute consultation by phone with a qualified specialist. for issues like:

    • Student Loan Repayment
    • How to establish credit
    • Understanding annuities and bonds
    • Social Security benefits

    Legal Support

    For support with legal issues, you can receive a referral to a licensed network attorney for a free 30-minute consultation, over the phone or face-to-face. You can also take advantage of:

    • 25% discount on most legal services
    • Legal support is extended to other members of your household

    Identity Theft Support

    If you’ve become victim of identity theft, EAP can help listen and connect you with experts and information you need. You will receive a 60-minute consultation with a fraud resolution specialist to who can help you with:

    • Who to notify and how
    • Forms or letters to help you report and itemize fraudulent activity
    • Obtaining and monitoring your credit report every four months
    • Taking future preventive actions

    Job and Career Support

    Connect with EAP for resources and referrals in areas including:

    • Work-related stress
    • Time Management
    • Professional Development

  • Cigna Contact Information

    Phone Number: 1-877-622-4327

    Calling the number listed above is the fastest way to speak with an advocate from EAP.

    Web Address to create your online account:

    By creating your online account you can chat with an EAP representative about providers, available resources, and schedule a call for emotional health, family, job, and career support. You will also have access to articles, videos

    Employer ID:  macalester (needed for initial registration)

  • EAP Webcasts

    EAP webcasts are one hour in length including a Q&A at the close of each session. Registration information, live seminars, and on-demand replays can be accessed directly on their seminar

    Employees also have access to Wellness Webcasts through Cigna. Review the 2024 EAP Wellness Webcast Calendar to see the wide array of topics they plan to cover in the upcoming year.

    July 2024

    July 10, 2024 – Emotional Fitness: Activating Assertiveness

    July 24th, 2024 – Civility and Respect at Work

  • Additional Information & Flyers