The Dependent Tuition Assistance Program (DTAP) is available for eligible faculty and staff members (exclusive of members of collective bargaining units), and provides up to 8 semesters of tuition assistance for dependent children, spouses and domestic partners at various local and regional colleges and universities. Please refer to the DTAP Program Guidelines (PDF) for more information about eligibility and eligible programs.

Application Deadline: January 15

All DTAP Applications and ACM Certifications of Eligibility are due by January 15th of each year in order to be eligible to participate the following academic year. This allows us to notify institutions of your eligibility before they send you financial aid information. Our goal is to help institutions provide you as much accurate information as possible before you make your final decision.

How Does My Dependent Apply?

Returning Students

All you need to do is complete the online DTAP Application by January 15th! If you are switching schools, please reach out to the Employment Services Contact.

New Students Applying to ACTC Institutions

  1. Complete the online DTAP Application by January 15th.
  2. Notify Employment Services of your final decision in one of the following ways:
    • Modify your original DTAP Application via the submission confirmation sent to your email.
    • Email the Employment Services contact for the Dependent Tuition Assistance Program.

New Students Applying to ACM Institutions

  1. Complete the online DTAP Application by January 15th.
  2. Complete the ACM Certification of Eligibility (PDF) and submit it to Employment Services with a check for the $25 participation fee (payable to ACM) by January 15th.
  3. Complete the ACM Applicant Confirmation (PDF) and submit it to Employment Services once you reach your final decision.

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Complete the DTAP Application

Forms and Guidelines

Employment Services Contact

Jason Dempster
Associate Director