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Faculty Time Off Benefits

  • Resources
  • Sabbatical Leave

    See the Faculty Funding & Support section of the Provost and Dean of Faculty’s website for the Sabbatical Leave Application Form. Details regarding the policy are provided on the form.

  • Emergency Medical Leave

    In the event of a short term disability or other emergency leave of fewer than 90 days, a faculty member who has an on-going relationship with the College may continue to receive his or her salary. Arrangements for classes and other responsibilities will be made by the Provost in consultation with the department chair. The College will continue to pay health insurance premiums for eligible employees.

    Each year, faculty members may use up to 80 hours of “emergency medical leave” provided for in this Policy for any of the reasons articulated in, and in the matter required under, the St. Paul Sick Leave Ordinance.

  • Parental Leave

    Full-time faculty members with a FTE of 0.75 – 1.0 are eligible for the equivalent to a 2-course release at full salary for the birth or adoption of a child or foster care placement. . Part-time faculty members with an FTE of 0.50 – 0.75 are eligible for a pro-rated paid parental leave benefit equivalent to a 1-course release. Generally, the 2-course release coincides with an entire semester leave whereby the faculty member would teach 3 courses on the alternate semester of the academic year. Leave must be taken during the semester in which the birth, adoption or foster care placement occurs or in the semester immediately following the event. Salary will be reduced by the equivalent of a 0.17 FTE if the time away corresponds with a 3-course semester and alternative arrangements are not made/available to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the third course on the alternate semester of the academic year. The benefit is available immediately upon hire.

    Parental leave is available to birthing and non-birthing parents. The fact that a multiple birth, adoption or placement occurs (e.g., the birth of twins or adoption of siblings) does not increase the total amount of paid parental leave granted for that event. The adoption of a new spouse’s child is excluded from this policy.

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Minnesota Parenting Leave Act will run concurrently with the Paid Parental Leave. 

    Parental Leave Information and Resources

    A faculty member wishing to take advantage of parental leave should notify the Department Chair and Dean of the Faculty so that arrangements to cover classes and committee assignments can be made in a timely fashion. The Department Chair and the Dean of the Faculty are responsible for making these arrangements. In the event of a birth, adoption or foster care placement, pre-tenure faculty members have the option of delaying their pre-tenure or tenure review by up to one year. A faculty member electing a parental leave should discuss the timing of future reviews with the Dean of the Faculty; the final decision should be made and communicated to the Dean of the Faculty no later than the beginning of the semester prior to the one in which their pre-tenure or tenure case is scheduled to be reviewed.

    Parental leave will count as time in service toward salary determination and eligibility for sabbatical leave. The College’s contribution for health, disability, life insurance premiums and retirement plan will continue during parental leaves.

  • Other Paid and Unpaid Leaves

    • Bereavement leave
    • Jury duty leave
    • Voting and election judge leave
    • Bone marrow donor leave
    • FMLA Leave
    • Minnesota Parenting Leave
    • MN School Conference And Activity Leave
    • Military Leave
    • Educational Leave
    • For full details regarding time away from work policies at Macalester, see the Employee Handbook.