Mentor Program


The Program

The International Student Programs Mentor Program selects returning U.S. and international students to serve as mentors to incoming international students and domestic Ametrica participants. Students will meet their mentors during orientation and will consult with them regularly throughout the semester. Mentors will provide a student’s perspective on both academic and personal life at Macalester. Their job is to help international students feel comfortable at Macalester and answer their questions about policies and procedures related to life in the residence halls, campus facilities, registration and academic procedures, as well as questions about U.S. culture and off-campus opportunities in the Twin Cities Metro community.


Where have the ISP mentors been all summer? Check out this video to find out!

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Fall 2016 Mentors


Alison Chi (Class of 2018) is a junior from Lawrence, Kansas, although she has spent a lot of time in Beijing, where her father’s side of the family is from. She is double majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics and minoring in Chinese, and she loves learning and practicing different foreign languages. At Mac, she is involved with the Department of Multicultural Life, Chinese Culture Club, and MacHacks (the student computer science organization). In her free time, she enjoys devouring spicy food, playing the piano, and reading. 

Di.pngDi Cui (Class of 2017) is a senior from Beijing, China. She is an Anthropology and Art History double major and she wants to work in museums after graduation. She loves photography, watercolor and cooking delicious food. She is involved in Chinese Culture Club and Mac Pics on campus and likes hanging out with friends in her spare time. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy last fall and enjoyed the amazing art and Italian food a lot. She is excited to return to the ISP family and become a mentor again! 

Sammi.pngEllis Davenport is a rising junior from Berkeley, California. He is a double major in Hispanic Studies and Linguisitcs, and will be in Buenos Aires in the spring semester. He is currently spending his summer here in St. Paul doing research at Macalester, and is super excited for the mentor program to begin!

Sheena_.jpgSheena Diong (Class of 2018) was born in Singapore but at the age of four moved to Beijing, China where she remained till she graduated high school. Sheena is a Psychology and Educational studies double major. In her spare time she enjoys sleeping, snacking and pretending to do homework in the library. This is Sheena's second year as an ISP mentor :)

Daga.pngDagmara (Daga) Franczak (Class of 2017) is a senior from a small town in North-Eastern Poland. She thought that her town was the coldest place she could have ever lived in, then she came to MinneSNOWta. Daga enjoys thrift shopping, making cozy meals that involve applesauce and petting other people’s dogs. She is a Russian/International Studies double major. She spent her last two years of high school in a lush valley in Santa Ana, Costa Rica going to fruit markets and backpacking. She is really excited to be an ISP mentor and is looking forward to meeting new first years! 

Julia.pngJulia Fritz-Endres (Class of 2019) grew up in a State Park in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Inspired by her upbringing, she is planning to major in Environmental Studies. She hopes to couple this with a minor in Creative Writing, and you can often find her curled up against a tree on Old Main with notebook and pencil in hand. When she is not writing stories, Julia is often running, skiing, playing the French horn, or throwing a frisbee. She is involved in several orgs on campus, including The Mac Weekly, Mac Cares, and Chanter. This is her first year as an ISP mentor.

Stacy.pngStacy Gerondelis (Class of 2019) lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is a sophomore. She plans on double majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in German. At Mac, Stacy is involved in student government and orchestra and enjoys Friday Talk and Tea in ISP and attending on-campus performances. Otherwise, she likes musicals, reading, and learning languages. 

Prajwal.jpgPrajwal Giri, (Class of 2018) is a sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was born in Pokhara, Nepal but moved to the States in 2003. He’s a self-proclaimed goon. Prajwal, or as most people call him Praj, is a Chemistry and potentially an Economics double major but is also exploring other scientific endeavors. He is a sprinter and pole vaulter for Macalester’s track and field team, and occasionally active in Macalester’s MMA club, club volleyball, the illustrious Boyz in Motion, and MASECA.  

Ellie.pngEllie Janda (Class of 2019) is a sophomore from Stoughton, Wisconsin. She is an International Studies major and an Environmental Studies minor. Ellie works in the Studio Arts Department, and also fills the position of Macalester’s favorite freelance haircutter. In her free time, Ellie enjoys reading, sitting in the sun, and exploiting opportunities for free food. She is also always excited to meet new people, and can’t wait to begin her work with ISP! 

Andrea.pngAndrea Kiang (Class of 2017) is a senior from Houston, Texas but was born in San Cristóbal, Venezuela and moved to the United States at age six. She is an international studies major, political science and Chinese minor, and Human Rights and Humanitarianism concentration. She enjoys eating delicious food with friends, learning new languages, searching for the best coffee shop, and traveling. Last year she spent her Fall semester in Beijing, China! Aside from being an ISP mentor, she will also be working as a Spanish tutor in the Hispanic studies department. Come visit her at the office sometime!  

Minji.pngMinji Kim (Class of 2019) is Korean by birth and residency, but she is Kiwi at heart. I spent six and a half years in beautiful New Zealand. She is a Chemistry major who is hoping to also fit in a French minor. She participated in Lives of Commitment her first year and loved it! She is also part of the Wind Ensemble, Macalester Christian Fellowship, the Korean Cultural Club, and others. SHe likes to consider herself an expert in these fields: archery, Earl Grey tea and old movies (and she means old! Her favourite is Metropolis from 1927!)  

Melissa.pngMelissa Leong (class of 2017) is a senior from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Melissa spent the two years before Mac living in the lush hills of Pune, India where she attended the United World College. A major of Economics and minor of Political Science, Melissa sings (only just bearably) in Macalester's African Music Ensemble on the side and interns at Metro Transit- Minnesota's primary public transport system. What she misses most about Malaysia are long walks with her three dogs- Biscuit, Taco and Dimsum- and her dad's homemade ginger chicken. She is excited to return to ISP as a mentor dean and to meet the new faces of the class of 2020. 

Fancy.jpgFangze Li (Fancy) (Class of 2019) i​​s a Linguistics and Psychology double major from Beijing, China. Fancy lived in Manhattan, NY for a brief period when she was young and enjoys traveling to and living in different places. She once couchsurfed in Europe on her own. Her other interests include singing, cooking, biking, traveling, thrift-shopping and Argentine tango dancing. She loves exploring different cultures and learning new languages. She is an ENFP. If you love good food, great tea, and nice conversation, Fancy is your go-to person.  

Lianna.pngLianna Novitz (Class of 2018) grew up in the relatively warm, snow-free San Fernando Valley, California. She is a returning mentor and majoring in Neuroscience with a Mathematics emphasis. Lianna was lucky enough to spend 10 months in Shijiazhuang, China as a high school exchange student, and also completed a peace project last summer 2015 in Anhui Province. She loves learning new languages (e.g. Chinese, Spanish, French) and dancing to Shakira! At Mac, she redefines sober stereotypes and enjoys photoshopping people's heads on monkeys at the Digital Resource Center. 

Aman_1.pngAman Rai (Class of 2019) is currently a sophomore and was born and raised in India. He is planning on double majoring in Economics and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. He works in the ISP office. He spent his last two years of schooling at UWC Mahindra College in Pune, India. He loves playing Basketball, Table Tennis and also plays on the Macalester Ultimate Frisbee team. 

Sammi1.pngSammi Redder (Class of 2019) is a sophomore from rainy Portland, Oregon. She is planning on majoring in Chemistry with an emphasis on biochemistry and is considering a minor in Chinese. Sammi enjoys traveling, cooking, and reading. At Mac, she is a member of the ultimate frisbee team, the Chinese Culture Club and the Swimming and Diving team. She is very excited about meeting the new people coming to Mac this year. 

Malvika_1.pngMalvika Shankar (Class of 2019) is a sophomore from Bangalore, India. She is a Sociology Major, Philosophy & Studio Art Minor, and Critical Theory and Legal Studies concentrator. Her passion and interests lie in the same fields - she enjoys making art, exploring music, film, textiles and photography and reading literature especially focused on topics such as crime and ethics. Her first year at Mac has been transformative and has also given her the freedom to pursue interests such as linguistics, travel, fitness and cooking. A first-timer living away from home, she hopes to help international students by sharing her experience and making their transition as comfortable and positive as possible! 

Gina_Marie_1.pngGina Marie Storch (Class of 2017) is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her parents are from Germany and she has spent many summers there with family. Gina Marie is a psychology major and an anthropology minor. At Mac, she is involved in FIA*STARSA (Feminists in Action-Students Together Against Rape and Sexual Assault), MacActivists for Reproductive Justice, and volunteering at Partnership Academy. 

Merrit.pngMerrit Stüven (Class of 2017) is originally from Munich, Germany. However, Merrit spent her middle and high school years moving back and forth between Munich and Minneapolis and her family currently lives in Singapore. She's a senior political science major with a concentration in human rights and humanitarianism and is especially interested in education and women's empowerment. When she is not in the ISP Lair, Merrit can be found in the MCSG office in the Campus Center, cooking at her house or taking long walks through the Macalester neighborhood. This will be Merrit's third year as a mentor. 

_Yan_1.pngYen Sheng Tan (class of 2018) is a junior from Penang, Malaysia. He is majoring in Biology and Japanese. He works at ITS help desk and enjoys chilling with people. Yen Sheng is involved in Macalester Badminton Club, APA Month, and he is interested in playing badminton, basketball, table tennis, reading, being in the nature, and hanging out anywhere in the twin cities. He is excited to be ISP mentor and meeting all the freshmen soon! 

Pietro_1.pngPietro Tardelli Canedo (class of 2019) is originally from São Paulo, Brazil and spent his last two years of high school in Costa Rica. He is a sophomore double-majoring in Biology and Latin American Studies due to his passion for Latin American culture and the environment. He thoroughly enjoys marine invertebrates, playing the guitar, and contemporary art. At Mac, Pietro can be found roaming around Olin-Rice, working at ISP or laying down on the grass. He is very excited about his first year as an ISP mentor. 

Ruotong_Wang_1.jpgRuotong Wang (class of 2019) is from Beijing, China. She plans on majoring in Sociology and Mathematics. At Mac, she is a librarian at Mini-Chinese Library, a flautist at Wind Ensemble and a weekly volunteer at CEC. When she is free, she loves to explore undiscovered adventure sites in cities and spend time in art museums with friends. She also likes backpacking: places with delicious noodles are her first choices! Ruotong loves to chat with people, about food, culture and life. She is super excited to meet and chat with all the freshmen! 

Rachel.png​Rachel Tan Wei Fen (Class of 2017) is a true blue Peranakan Chinese descendant from Singapore but is in love with being a part of communities around the world. She is a senior majoring in Latin American Studies and Political Science and speaks Spanish and Chinese. She is often found running around organizing events on campus or working in the CEC. Rachel hopes to be your affable friend to go to when you want to make some noodles, go to the Atacama desert, or dance something not too back-breaking! She also loves watching plays and acts when she can! 

Janice1.JPGSiyan (Janice) Zhang (class of 2017) is from Shenzhen, China. Her family is originally from Hunan, China and immigrated to Shenzhen (near Hong Kong) in 1980s, so her family keeps a lot of Hunan traditions, such as the Hunan dialect and delicious spicy food! She majors in Applied Math and Art History and is trying to figure out what she can do with the two diverse majors. She loves sketching and movies. She is also a member of African Music Ensemble. She started to work for ISP in Spring 2014. 



*Note:  Information about the mentor dean application will be sent to returning mentors directly.


As a mentor, you will each be directly responsible for approximately five students as well as aiding fellow mentors with their mentees in the Fall 2017. As students themselves, mentors can answer questions and give suggestions about life, culture and academics on-and off-campus. Mentors work closely with ISP staff to organize informational, cultural and educational discussions of interest for new students. Other expectations include acting as an information giver, tour guide, encourager, educator and learner. 

The hours a mentor works per week vary depending on if whether you are involved with Ametrica facilitation. You can expect to work at least 5-9 hours a week between meeting every mentee in person, journaling, meeting Aaron, Luyen, or Kara, and attending planning meetings. Some weeks may require more hours due to ISP or Ametrica events.
As a mentor you will be required to arrive by August 20, 2017 (not confirmed) to begin mentor training at 9 a.m. on August 21. Plan on being at Mac and available to work until school begins. Mentors will work until late October/early November. Because of this, you may need to find another on-campus job that does not interfere with mentoring. Remember you may not exceed 20 hours/week, combining all of your jobs.


Below are the various mentor application steps. Each year, ISP receives many more applications than mentor positions available. We are very strict about deadlines so please note them. This is because we believe that applicants demonstrate responsibility by meeting deadlines, and because we receive far more applications each year than positions available. Decisions on choosing mentors will be made by the ISP Mentor Selection Committee, composed of former mentors who graduate in 2017 Aaron, Luyen, or Kara will change decisions if there are outstanding conduct, academic or other concerns. If you are not certain about an issue and if it could affect your eligibility, please check with Aaron, Luyen, or Kara. Note, mentor deans (those who have mentored in the past) go through a different process than new mentors, one that we will describe in more detail once you fill out the Mentor Dean Interest Form

To apply to be a new mentor, you must complete the following steps to be considered by the Selection Committee. 


You must complete the STEP I Interest Form to be eligible to receive STEP II, the full written application.  This form can be found under our "Forms and Letters" section. The purpose of STEP I is to:

  • Provide detailed information about the criteria used to select mentors as well as ISP’s requirements and expectations for mentors.
  • Give you ample time to consider if being a mentor is right for you since the expectations and application steps – (especially STEP IV - Simulation) are very rigorous.
  • Give ISP time to plan for STEP IV - Simulation.

The deadline to complete STEP I is by 11:59 pm on Monday, December 12, 2016, St. Paul time (CDT) aka GMT-6 hours.  ISP will not accept applications after this time. Each year, numerous students ask that we extend the deadline. We don’t. STEP I can be completed in a couple minutes.

Tip: We take note which applicants complete this step early.

The Interest Form is now closed.


A lengthy online application will be sent to all eligible who completed the STEP I - Interest Form shortly after the deadline. The STEP II - Application will be due by 11:59 pm on Monday, January 9, 2017, St. Paul time.  No late applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Tip: We take note which applicants complete this step early.


Email your resume to when you submit your application, or by 11:59 pm on Monday, January 9, 2017, St. Paul time.  No late resumes will be accepted after the deadline.

Tip: We take note which applicants complete this step early.


This is a simulation of being a mentor that gives you the experience of what to expect and gives ISP a real view on your ability to be responsible and follow through.

  • STEP IV is time-consuming, but a rewarding experience.
  • Feedback from the simulation is very influential to the Mentor Selection Committee.
  • You will be assigned two "mentees" who will either be seniors or a combination of a senior and a non-senior. 
  • There will be a training session to prepare you for meeting your mentees.
  • The simulation is a trial run of the experience of being a mentor during the fall semester. You will have all the same duties as a mentor, but you mentees will have different needs. 
  • Applicants meet weekly with mentees and then journal about meetings.
  • Applicants meet with your ”mentor dean" who supervises you, along with a few other mentors in your mentor group, once a week to go over how your mentees are doing. Mentor deans are returning mentors.
  • Expect a time commitment of 3 hours/week for 3 weeks  (Jan 29-Feb 18).
  • Mentor deans and ISP staff will provide feedback to the Selection Committee.


The selection committee will review applications in groups, according to how well applicants meet the criteria. Depending on your qualifications, you reach a certain group - A is best and your application is read first, F is worst and your application is read last. All documents and other proof of meeting the criteria must be emailed to by 11:59 pm on Friday, February 17, 2017, St. Paul time .

The Mentor Selection Committee will review applicants in the order listed below.  We need a certain number of eligible van certified drivers. Because of this, we prioritize reviewing individuals who meet all criteria first. We then review individuals who meet close to those criteria second, and so on.

GROUP A (first priority/applications reviewed first)
- GPA above 3.0
- Valid US driver’s license                         - Macalester van certified OR  - Valid US driver’s permit                              - Road test scheduled                                  - License at home OR proof of driving classes/training                                              - Van driving theory class completed/registered for
Two of the following:

- Green Dot Bystander training offered 2-3 times in spring semester*                       -  Allies training offered by the DML*         - Valid CPR certification at any level         - Volunteer for International KidsFest on February 25, 2017


GROUP B (second priority/applications reviewed second)
- GPA above 3.0
- Valid US driver’s license                         - Macalester van certified OR  - Valid US driver’s permit                              - Road test scheduled                                  - License at home OR proof of driving classes/training                                              - Van driving theory class completed/registered for


- GPA above 3.0
- Valid US driver’s permit
Two of the following: - Green Dot Bystander training offered 2-3 times in spring semester*                             -  Allies training offered by the DML*             - Valid CPR certification at any level             - Volunteer for International KidsFest on February 25, 2017


- GPA above 3.0
- Valid US driver’s permit


- GPA above 3.0
Two of the following: - Green Dot Bystander training offered 2-3 times in spring semester*                               -  Allies training offered by the DML*            - Valid CPR certification at any level              - Volunteer for International KidsFest on February 25, 2017


GROUP F (last priority)
- Applicants who don’t meet the criteria above.

*If training hasn’t happened by February 20, 2017 you can show proof of registration. If you show proof of registration but do not complete the training, we will no longer consider your application.

We will not consider late/incomplete applications. Other things that will be considered:

  • Active participation in Ametrica, Mentor, and ISP programs;
  • Manageable Fall 2017 semester co-curricular schedules;
  • Diversity in years, personalities, home countries, regions, gender identities, languages...

Van certified mentors would be hired at Macalester's Tier III pay rate. If we hire students without licenses, they will be paid at Tier II (see Student Employment website).