DeWitt Wallace Professor
Mathematical physiology and modeling

Olin-Rice Science Center, 231


Curriculum Vitae

Professor Kaplan specializes in the techniques of applied math, including statistics and computation, to problems in the sciences. His professional training is in biomedical engineering, and he came to Macalester from the physiology department at McGill Medical School. He has written textbooks in nonlinear dynamics (chaos theory) applied to biology and medicine, in scientific computation, and most recently in statistical modeling. He won Macalester’s 2006 Excellence in Teaching Award for his work creating an introductory quantitative curriculum consisting of calculus and statistics courses that are among the most heavily subscribed at the college. This work has attracted national attention and financial support from the National Science Foundation, the Keck Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Prof. Kaplan also participates in Macalester’s public health concentration, teaching an introductory course in epidemiology.

BA: Swarthmore College, Physics, 1981

MA: Stanford University, Engineering-Economic Systems, 1982

PhD: Harvard University, Biomedical Physics, 1989