Parallel and distributed computing, databases, bioinformatics, synthetic biology

Olin-Rice Science Center, 235


Professor Shoop’s research interests are bioinformatics and computational biology, data visualization, and parallel and distributed computing applications. She enjoys working with teams of students on summer research projects. Because of now prevalent multicore computer processors and cloud computation, she is currently active in a movement to change undergraduate computer science curriculum throughout the world to keep pace with these hardware trends and ensure that computer science graduates are prepared to build effective scalable applications by “thinking in parallel.” She is also very interested in increasing diversity in computer science by participating in outreach and mentoring programs. Her non-technical interests include sports and outdoor activities, where she is often accompanied by her golden retriever, Hopper.

BS: University of Minnesota, 1982, aerospace engineering

Master’s: University of Minnesota, 1990, computer science

PhD: University of Minnesota, 1995, computer science