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Impact Reporting

Thanks to the generous support of our community of donors, the Macalester Fund supports the following areas:

Support it all

Mac students represent all 50 states and 95 countries.


countries represented at Mac

Anna Durall ‘24
Anna Durall ‘24
“My experience at Macalester has been enriched by the diverse backgrounds of my peers. It’s really incredible that Macalester is able to attract and support students from all around the world.”
Anna Durall ’24


378 varsity student-athletes have access to psychologists and nutritionists who specialize in working with athletes.


Varsity student athletes at Mac

Grant Luce ‘25
Grant Luce ‘25
“As a soccer player at Mac I know there are lots of expenses for travel, equipment, food and more so I’m super grateful that alumni donations have continued to make that possible for athletes like me.”
Grant Luce ’25

Student Emergency Aid

Students can apply for grants of up to $500 through the Emergency Aid Program.


available to students through the Emergency Aid Program

Minh Nguyen ‘25
Minh Nguyen ‘25
“The pandemic brought about uncertainty in my family about the affordability of my college life. Luckily, Mac Student Emergency Aid helped me with my financial needs so that I can fully focus on my college experience.”
Minh Nguyen ’25

Racial Equity Support

Between 2011 and 2020, enrollment of US students of color has increased 61%


increase in US students of color

Zeke Pujols ‘24
Zeke Pujols ‘24
“As a first-generation student, I am super grateful for the opportunity and support Macalester College has given me. I have made great friends while also getting the tools I need to succeed and make my parents proud!”
Zeke Pujols ’24

Financial Aid

65% of students receive need-based aid, with an average aid package of $58,873.


of students receive need-based aid

Jane Slentz-Kesler ‘24
Jane Slentz-Kesler ‘24
“Financial aid is the only reason I was able to come to Macalester, and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity. I was really excited to branch out from my home community in Durham, North Carolina, and Macalester’s aid even for an out-of-state student made that dream possible. After two years here, financial aid has supported me not only in tuition but also in providing resources and experiences to support my success as a student.”
Jane Slentz-Kesler ’24

Program Support

96% of students participate in community-based learning, volunteering, or applied research with more than 300 local organizations.


of students participate in community-based learning, volunteering, or applied research

Elie Rizk '24
Elie Rizk '24
“MacExplore [a career readiness program offered by Mac’s Career Exploration office] covered many things, but my favorite was talking and listening to alums. The fact that they came from very different backgrounds and class years was amazing. Many of them gave us very valuable advice that will help us move forward in our careers.”
Elie Rizk ’24

Faculty Support

Mac has a 10:1 student to faculty ratio across 800+ courses and 39 majors.


student to faculty ratio at Mac

Alan Schulz Diaz ‘25
Alan Schulz Diaz ‘25
“In Mac, I have found mentors in my professors. They care about me, and they want me to thrive inside and outside the classroom.”
Alan Schulz Diaz ’25