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Sustainer Update

Need to make a change to your sustainer giving?

We’ve made it easy to be a Macalester Fund Sustainer. See below for more information on how to make common updates to Sustainer giving, or email us at [email protected] if you need additional assistance.

Update credit card or bank account information

To change the bank account information, credit card number, or expiration date used for your Sustainer giving, you will need to create a new payment via our online giving form. Simply mention that you are “updating an existing Sustainer gift” in the Comments field, and our staff will remove your previous recurring gift so you don’t get double-charged.

If you have already paid your installment for the month, quarter, or year, note that you can select a future date instead of today for the gift to be processed. (Once you check the box for “Make this a recurring payment,” a calendar will appear for you to select the date of your choice.)

Security Tip: Never email your credit card or bank account number to anyone, including Macalester.

Change gift amount or frequency, or stop sustainer giving

To change the amount or frequency of your Sustainer giving, or to temporarily pause or cancel your Sustainer giving, email [email protected].

Have a different question or update?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your Sustainer giving. Please email [email protected]  any time.