THDA professional theatre alumni David Jacobs ’07 and Rachel Cole ’07 meet up with Professor Harry Waters Jr. in New York City

Kate Bredeson, dramaturg, director, scholar, professor

Aditi Brennan Kapil ’94, actor, playwright, director

Lauren Dobbins Webb, actor

Frederick “Rick” Wojahn Wimsett, actor, painter

Andrea Heilman, scenic and lighting designer, professor

Macelle “May” Mahala, actor, dramaturg, scholar, professor

Alexander Galick, actor

Gwyneth Shanks, performer, scholar

Taous Claire Khazem, actor, director, teacher

Christine Cover Ferro, stylist and costume designer

Corrine Larson, costume designer

Sarah Norman, director

Amanda Friou, director, puppeteer

Stephanie Weeks, actor

Kate Brehm, performer, deviser, teacher

Sheila Regan, actor, playwright, theatre critic, journalist

Janine Myers, lighting designer, theater manager, adjunct instructor

Anne-E. Wood, fiction writer, arts educator

Tom DeCaigny, performing arts administrator, consultant, arts advocate

Leontyne Mbele-Mbong, actor

Adrienne Nelson, actor

Marianna Bassham, actor

Lyndsay Kane, actor, certified yoga teacher

Megan Odell, dancer/performer, founder of Megan Odell Acupuncture and Asian Medicine

Gretchen Wegner, arts educator, Certified InterPlay Facilitator

Kelly Chatain, archives consultant, web producer

Paul Whitaker, lighting designer, theatre consultant, design professor

Julian McFaul, actor, puppeteer, designer, educator, co-founder Bedlam Theatre Co.

John Bueche, actor, playwright, designer, director, administrator, co-founder Bedlam Theatre Co.

Maren Ward, actor, director, administrator, co-founder Bedlam Theatre Co.

Tamara Nadel ’95, dancer

Emily Gastineau ’09, dance artist and performance artist