Adam Clark ’21 – Glasgow, Scotland with University of Glasgow

Adam sitting on a grassy cliff overlooking the water
Adam (he/him) enjoying the beautiful Scottish coast by relaxing on a grassy cliff.
Where did you study away?
University of Glasgow, Scotland
Why did you choose to go to Glasgow?
I was drawn to the vibrant theater and music scene and the abundance of trees within the city.
Did you see any interesting pieces while you were there?
I saw a very cool student production of Lysistrata! The story was adapted to 1920s USA in the middle of a Gang War.
What theater and dance adjacent classes were you in?
I took a theater history course at the University of Glasgow.
How did your experience abroad affect you as an artist? As a person?
My time abroad made me realize that I need music in my art because it feeds my soul like nothing else. It also made me a bit more sure of who I am and the kind of person I want to be.
Do you have any advice for other students thinking about studying away?
Keep a journal, try new things, and give yourself time to process your experiences.

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