Employee Handbook

1.1 About the Employee Handbook

The Employment Services Department in conjunction with the Provost's Office has published the Employee Handbook on the College's intranet. This is an effort to better utilize the College's technology platform in communicating to our community and is an opportunity to save precious resources, in keeping with the Talloires Declaration. Employees can view, and if necessary, print pages and forms from the Employee Handbook on-line.

The on-line Employee Handbook covers both Faculty and Staff Employees. Bargaining unit employees are governed by the terms of the collective bargaining agreements in force between the College and the bargaining units. Bargaining unit employees and management may use the handbook as a guideline for those areas not covered under the collective bargaining agreements.

The sections devoted to Faculty employees will be maintained by the Associate Provost's Office. If you have any questions regarding this section please contact (651) 696-6036. All other sections are being maintained by the Employment Services Department. If you have any questions regarding all other sections contact the Employment Services Department at (651) 696-6280.

Sections 12.1.4 "Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy " is distributed in paper copy form to new employees. The information in these sections has universal application for all employees. Other sections of the Employee Handbook may have only periodic or limited application, so those sections can be accessed when needed through the Employment Services web page.

Employees are responsible for accessing the remainder of the Employee Handbook at the web site. Although the information is being maintained electronically, all employees are still responsible for complying with the policies and rules applicable to them, so it is still important to review the Employee Handbook on-line. Any employee who does not have a computer work station with intranet access is invited to use computers available at the College Library, or by appointment at the Employment Services Department in 77 Macalester during normal working hours. A paper copy of the Employee Handbook will also be placed on "Reserve" at the Library. Faculty may obtain copies of relevent sections by contacting the Associate Provost's Office.

With this "virtual" Employee Handbook available on-line, the Employment Services Department and the Provost's Office will be able to keep the document updated more frequently than the once-a-year distribution in past years. As policies are updated or changed in the future, we will communicate through the Bulletin or MacMail to draw your attention to the changes.

The Employee Handbook is intended to provide a general overview of the College's personnel policies and does not necessarily represent all such policies or practices in force at any particular time, although the Employment Services Department and the Provost's Office try to make it as complete and current a reference as possible. If you have any feedback regarding the Employee Handbook, please contact the Employment Services Department at (651)-696-6280 or the Associate Provost's Office at (651) 696-6036.