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3.15 Review of Personnel Record by Employee

Your personnel record is maintained in the Employment Services Department and includes your employment application, training/development applications, discipline/commendation letters, performance evaluation, some payroll and insurance information, and any other personnel-related correspondence. Under Minnesota State Stautes section 181.961, an employee may review his/her personnel record no sooner than six months after an earlier request to do so. If you wish to review your file, please call the Employment Services Department to schedule a convenient time. You may receive a copy of your file at the time you review it at no charge. (Subject to the availability of the Employment Services Department personnel to produce the copy for you.)

It is important to keep your personnel file up to date. You should immediately report to the Employment Services Department changes in your:

  • name
  • address/phone (home or on-campus)
  • emergency contact information
  • immigration status
  • family status (marital status, dependents)
  • health insurance coverage
  • designation of life insurance or retirement plan beneficiary

Revised effective 09/01/03