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3.17 Termination of Employment

Employment can end for a variety of reasons. In instances where the employee is resigning, it is customary and requested that employees provide at least a two week of notice. Additional notice is appreciated in order to provide a careful handover of work responsibilities.

Vacation & Medical Leave Payout

Employees who depart after less than six months of employment are not entitled to be paid for any accrued vacation time. Eligible employees who depart after six months or more of employment may be paid accrued vacation time up to one year’s accrual. The payout will be at the individual’s current hourly wage equivalent and pro-rated to the current FTE. Unused sick leave remaining at the time of termination is not eligible for payout.

Transition & Final Check

Terminating employees are encouraged to speak with the HR Department to ensure appropriate understanding of their benefits upon termination. Additionally, since all employees are entrusted with College property (College I.D., keys, P-card, laptop or other equipment, etc.), proper procedures for returning the property must be followed before a final payroll check is issued or deposited. Departing Employee Resources can be used by the departing employee and supervisor to ensure a successful transition.

If the employee was, during employment, entrusted with the collection, disbursement or handling of money or property, and a final accounting cannot be made at the day of termination, the College will have ten calendar days starting with the day following termination to audit and adjust the accounts of the employee before the employee’s final wages are paid. If after such audit it is found that any money or property entrusted to the employee by the College has not been properly accounted for or paid over to the College, an appropriate adjustment/deduction will be made to the final paycheck.

Revised effective 10/19/2016.