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3.7 Temporary Staff Employment

Temporary employment may be full-time or part-time, and is for a specified length of time. Temporary positions of less than 180 calendar days do not qualify for benefits. Temporary positions of 180 days or more are eligible for benefits based on the temporary FTE. If a temporary appointment of less than 180 days is extended to 180 days or more, the employee will become eligible for benefits based on the temporary FTE, and will be credited with vacation and medical leave accrual retroactive to the assignment start date. Note: Accumulated vacation or medical leave is not paid out to temporary employees or employees on “soft money” at termination. This policy does not include ongoing at-will employees working additional assignments of less than 180 days. Additional assignments do not qualify for benefits (including vacation and medical accrual).

The following exempt employees are not assigned an FTE and/or are considered fee-based and are paid fees on an established schedule. FTE is not assigned for certain exempt positions due to the level of expertise and/or skill attained through formal education and/or experience in the particular field, or because the work is performed in a field of artistic endeavor. The listed positions are not ongoing and are not eligible for benefits coverage:

  • Coach (employed casually)
  • Studio Instructor
  • Graduate Assistant

The level of benefits varies with the number of hours worked and length of service. See Section 11, Staff Benefits for more information.


Volunteers must fill out a Volunteer letter. Volunteers do not have the benefits that are available to paid employees, including Worker’s Compensation insurance. However, volunteers will be covered by the College’s professional liability insurance while acting within the scope of volunteer duties. See Liability Insurance Policies.


In order to comply with Internal Revenue Service Regulations and the Fair Labor Standards Act, it is the policy of Macalester College to properly classify individuals as employees or non-employee independent contractors. In general if at any time a person is considered a Macalester employee, they must be paid as an employee for any activity, unless they can be seen as “doing business as” another legal entity. If Macalester normally pays an employee to do something, anyone who substitutes for that employee is also an employee, unless they can be seen as “doing business as” another legal entity.

Employment Services is authorized to determine how any individual is to be treated under this policy to comply with relevant laws.

The College hires only individuals lawfully authorized to work in the United States for staff positions. If a department feels that it is necessary to hire an employee, all procedures mandated by the Employment Services department must be followed. This will ensure that all employees are properly paid as planned.

If an individual will be hired for a position that is not normally a position at the College, the supervisor should contact Employment Services to determine if the person should be paid as an independent contractor.

Independent contractors are engaged through the College’s “Purchase Requisition” process.

Last Revision: 09/16/2022