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3.10 Hours of Work and Outside Consulting

In general, full-time employment at Macalester presumes that the College is the primary employer. Such employment contemplates that a reasonable amount of overtime may be expected, especially for exempt employees. Department heads and supervisors should and do plan for any exceptions to the normal work week. While outside employment is not precluded by work at the College, it is understood that College assignments take priority with respect to the staff member’s working time. Time away from work for consulting activities must come from time either outside the employee’s College appointment, or if the employee is a 1.0 full-time equivalent, then by utilizing paid vacation or an unpaid leave of absence (up to 10 days per year).

Your supervisor will provide information about your work schedule. The College work week is Sunday through Saturday. The normal working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Within this 8.5 hour work day, full-time employees are paid for 7.75 hours. Unpaid lunch periods are 45 minutes in length. Supervisors are encouraged to provide a 15 minute paid work break in either the morning or afternoon. With supervisor approval, the lunch period may be combined with the 15 minute paid work break to create a 60 minute lunch. Some offices close during the lunch hour. Whether an office remains open during the lunch hour is determined by the supervisor who must consider what makes sense from a business and customer point of view. As required by Minnesota law, in each four hours of work, employees are allowed adequate time to utilize the nearest convenient restroom. Public Safety Officers are typically scheduled and paid for an 8 hour shift. Meal and break times within the shift are paid because Public Safety Officers may not leave campus while on duty, are expected to answer phones/radios, and respond to campus needs without delay throughout their entire shift.

Last Revision: 02/25/2021