• Please contact vendors to arrange for goods to be delivered and projects to be completed by 5/31/24. This is required for expenses to be charged to the FY 23-24 budget. If necessary, please ask vendors to expedite invoices.
  • Clearly mark vendor invoices and other payment requests to be charged to FY 24-25. This includes goods received, services rendered, and travel taking place after 5/31/24.
  • Indicate the dates of all activities in the “Description” fields of your Pcard entries. If a charge falls in a different fiscal year than the activity, notify the . We monitor activity and move charges to the correct fiscal year. Notifications of changes are not sent due to the large volume of transactions, so please monitor your budget using the Finance Reports via Argos. Keep in mind that there is a delay before pcard transactions appear in Argos.

Due Dates

Friday, May 31, 2024

**Student Accounts will close for year-end processing at 11:00 am on 5/31/24. After 11:00 am, documents may be left in the lockbox and will be processed as FY 24-25 transactions.

Monday, June 3, 2024

  • Submit all charitable contributions (including envelopes) to Advancement.

Friday, June 7, 2024

***If Accounts Payable is closed, documents may be left in the lockbox.

Friday, June 14, 2024

  • Identify postpaid pcard transactions that posted to your pcard account in June, but were for services/products the college received in May (or earlier). Include “received by 5/31 – FY 23/24” in the description field for these transactions.
  • (If applicable) respond to any inquiries from Accounting requesting status of departmental equipment as of 5/31.


Invoices and payments Michelle Bitney x6565
Purchase orders Michelle Bitney x6565
Pcard charges Amber Lane x6558
Petty cash reimbursements Shannon Regan x6161
Deposits: department & web department Shannon Regan x6161
Travel advances & expense reporting Lorin Mustafa x6571
Journal entries Lorin Mustafa x6571
Grants Melissa Ketter x6354
Finance Reporting via Argos training Aimée Baxter x6696
General accounting & FOAPAL questions Matthew Walters x6538
Budgeting Dave Berglund x6234
Other areas not listed above Matthew Walters x6538