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Macalester College observes 10 paid holidays and an additional floating paid holiday each year.  Macalester employees with 0.50 FTE or higher are eligible to utilize this time. Temporary, on-call, casual, and student employees are not eligible for paid holidays.

  • Observed Regular Paid Holidays

    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Juneteenth
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Friday after Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Eve Day
    • Christmas Day

    Please visit the 2022-2024 Holiday Schedule (PDF) to confirm which dates regular paid holidays will be observed by the College.

  • Floating Holiday

    Hours associated with the Floating Paid Holiday must be taken in a whole day increment (they cannot be broken across multiple days). The intention of the floating paid holiday is to provide a full day of rest for the employee.  Floating Paid Holiday hours are calculated based on the employee’s FTE.  For regular paid staff, this is FTE x 7.75 hours rounded up to the nearest quarter hour, and for Union/Public Safety staff this is FTE x 8.00 hours rounded up to the nearest quarter hour.

    Due to the constraints of the timekeeping system, the Floating Paid Holiday is available for use February through November. If you need to use your Floating Paid Holiday outside of this timeframe, contact Employment Services.  Employees who do not use their Floating Paid Holiday by November 30 will lose it.  The Floating Paid Holiday is not eligible for payout in the event the employee leaves employment with the College.

  • Calculating Available Holiday Hours

    The number of holiday hours eligible employees are entitled to each calendar year is prorated based upon their FTE.

    FTE Regular Staff Hours Union/Public Safety Hours
    1.00 77.50 80.00
    0.75 58.25 60.00
    0.50 38.75 40.00

    Regular Staff:  FTE x 77.5 hours

    Union/Public Safety:  FTE x 80 hours

    Holiday hours must be used in whole-day increments.  Holiday hours are calculated on an annual basis, and your daily limit can vary depending on your regularly scheduled shift.  You may not exceed your annual holiday hour limit per FTE in a calendar year.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I record Holiday hours?

    Non-exempt employees should record these hours as Regular Paid Holiday or Floating Paid Holiday on their bi-weekly timesheet.

    Exempt Employees do not need to record Regular Paid Holiday time on a leave report.  They should record Floating Paid Holiday hours, though.

    How do I record Gifted Days Off?

    Exempt employees do not need to record Gifted Days Off on their leave reports.

    Non-exempt employees should record the hours they were regularly scheduled to work on these days as Time Worked.

    I work most of my hours during the academic year, with an adjusted FTE.  How do I record holiday hours?

    You have two options here:  You can record your regular workday during the academic year when you’re active, and not record holiday hours over the summer.  Or, you can record your FTE daily limit (FTE x 7.75) on each holiday year-round.  The important thing is that you don’t exceed your annual limit of hours.  (See Calculating Available Holiday Hours for the annualized formula.)

    Does Holiday time count towards Overtime Pay?


    Time associated with Regular Paid Holidays is not considered time worked and does not count toward weekly overtime limits.

    If a holiday falls on a weekend, when will the College observe it?

    Depending upon the particular day of the week a designated holiday falls, the College may observe the holiday on a different day than the official holiday.  When the official holiday falls on a Saturday, the holiday will be observed on the preceding Friday.  When the official holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the following Monday.  When Christmas falls on a Saturday, and the holiday is observed on Friday, the “Christmas Eve Day” holiday will be observed on Thursday.

    I’m scheduled to be off on the observed holiday.  What do I do?

    Employees whose regular day off falls on a holiday may either adjust their work schedule the week of the holiday to receive the holiday pay or identify another date to designate as a holiday, subject to supervisor approval.

    I have to work on the observed holiday.  What do I do?

    Employees who work on the holiday will receive another day off within the pay period before, pay period of, or pay period after the holiday.  To the extent possible, the day off will be granted in accordance with the employee’s request and coordinated with and approved by the supervisor.  The time associated with this day off may not be split over multiple days – the intention of the paid holiday is to provide a full day of rest for the employee.

    I have to work on the observed holiday, but I’m a casual/temporary employee.  What does that mean for me?

    Casual and part-time non-exempt employees who are required to work on an observed holiday will be paid twice their regular rate of pay per hour, up to a maximum of 7.75 hours.

    I’m in the Union, and I have questions.

    Members of Macalester’s collective bargaining units (CBU) should refer to their collective bargaining contract in force for Regular and Floating Paid Holiday policies.

    I am on a Leave of Absence.  How does that impact my Holiday hours?

    Employees on leaves of absence (LOAs) extending beyond two weeks or on unpaid LOAs are not eligible for holiday pay.

    Employees returning from LOAs who are required to return on an intermittent schedule are eligible to receive holiday pay on a prorated basis based upon their FTE.

    Oops!  I recorded too many holiday hours!  What now?

    Regular Paid Holiday hours utilized over your annual maximum number of hours prorated per FTE will be deducted from your vacation/sick leave balances.

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