Macalester is not shy when talking about sexual health and respect. We know a student’s sexual health impacts their overall health and well-being. Our educational approach focuses on enhancing relationships of all kinds, increasing access to resources, and opening discussions on our Macalester community value of consent.

Safer Sex and Relationships Week – 2/17-2/21

All Week: Hunt for the Golden Condom. A golden condom is hidden somewhere on campus. Study the daily clue to find it’s location. Big rewards await the winner of the Hunt.
Clue #1: It’s always warmer near the equator.
Clue #2: On this side is where the academic buildings thrive.
Clue #3: In front is quite old while behind many students it holds.
Clue #4: Third times the charm.
Clue #5: Once you succeed you can get what you knead.

All Week:  Special Edition Anonymous Safer Sex Kits.

Monday, 2/17: Sex and Faith: Living Your Truth, noon – 12:50 pm, Harmon Room.
Come for a panel discussion of religion, spirituality, and its relation to sexuality. Hear from students, faculty, and staff about how their religious background, intersecting identities, and beliefs influence their sexual identity.  Register for lunch; available beginning at 11:50 am.

Tuesday, 2/18: Healthy Relationships, noon – 12:50 pm, Library 309.
Relationships of all kinds can be hard to navigate. In this workshop, we will explore what makes a relationship, how we show up in relationships, and how we can develop relationships in ways that feel healthy for us. Led by Julia Hutchinson, MSW LICSW, from the Hamre Center. Register for lunch: available beginning at 11:50 am.

Wednesday, 2/19: Sexy Info Session, noon – 12:50 pm, Harmon Room.
Are you passionate about sexual health? Do you want to be a Sexy Trainer? Drop by to talk about what it’s like to be a part of Sexy. Learn more about the program, the training, and the application process from the trainers themselves.  Snacks provided.

Thursday, 2/20: Everyday Consent, noon – 12:50 pm, Old Main, 4th Floor Lounge.
Consent can feel complicated. In this interactive session, we’ll identify opportunities to normalize consent and also explore how being intentional about everyday consent can help develop a more robust culture of sexual respect. Led by Jennifer Jacobsen, Director of Sexual Violence Prevention Education.  Register for lunch; available beginning at 11:50 am.

Friday, 2/21: Org-asm Fair, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Old Main, 4th Floor Lounge.
Spend an hour with the Sexy Trainers and hear about sex toys at all prices and for all bodies, talk about masturbation and sexual organs,and gain strategies for communicating with partners about pleasure.  Snacks provided.



Every Fall Semester, the Sexy Educators aim to create a culture of respect by covering the basics of sexual health and consent in the first-year halls: being inclusive of all gender identities and expressions and sexual orientations. We know a large percentage of Mac students are not having sex; but knowledge is important for now, the future, and for helping a friend in need. 

Are you passionate about sexual health and interested in helping educate your peers on this subject?  Learn more about the Sexy Educator role and consider becoming one for the upcoming academic year.

Apply to be a Sexy Educator (Application open from 2/10 – 3/8/2020).


Consent @ Mac is a program created by students for students, which articulates expectations about sexual violence prevention in the Macalester community. We encourage all students to understand and commit to their rights and responsibilities in their relationships by signing the Consent Pledge found below.  Look for pledge signing opportunities around campus. Learn More.

Request an Anonymous Safer Sex Kit

Products and information are available to help support your healthy sex life. Request an anonymous safer sex kit and choose from a menu of items, including external condoms, internal condoms, lubes, dental dams, and get information about  emergency contraception, STDs, and breast and testicular self-exams. Whether you live on or off campus, you can request your individualized kit by filling out a form at the Safer Sex Kit mailbox located in the Campus Center Lower Level or by completing an Anonymous Safer Sex Kit online form.

Request a SustainaCup Menstrual Cup

The SustainaCup Program offers free menstrual cups to students in order to provide a more sustainable method for managing periods. Free menstrual cups benefit the student body economically, socially, and environmentally as well as preventing numerous health risks associated with tampons.  This limited supply is provided by Hamre Center and Sustainability Office and can be requested online.