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Doty Hall

Residence Hall Director

Gabe Wardin

Doty Hall Information:

Doty Hall is located on Summit Avenue between Wallace and Turck Halls. Doty Hall was built in 1964. Third through fifth floors are designated single gender floors. Female Spaces: Doty 5 & Doty 4 and Male Spaces: Doty 3. First and second floor is reserved for students who do not need single gender spaces but have been assigned to a first year course (FYC) in Doty Hall.

Resident Information: Doty houses only first-year students.
Bathrooms: Please see the Bathroom Inventory for more information.
Laundry Facilities: The laundry room is located on the lower level.
Kitchen: Each floor lounge has a stove, sink, and microwave.
Lounges: Each floor has two study rooms and a lounge with cable TV. A formal lounge with fire place and cable TV is located on the main floor.
General Room Information: First floor has double rooms. Second through Fifth floors have double rooms and 3 single rooms on each floor.
Room Dimensions: Double: 14’3” x 14’7” ; Singles: 14’3″ x 10’4″ ;
Room Furnishings: Extra-long unlofted twin beds (36″ x 80″), desk, and desk chair. Every room in Doty has a sink.

Floor Plans

Floor plans for Doty Hall can also be viewed in .pdf form here.