Residence Hall Director

Jonathan Cardenas

Cottages Information

The cottages are located directly across the street from the Admissions Office at 53 and 57  Macalester Street. Established as a residential living area in 1996, the Cottages offer an independent living environment however, they do not have kitchens and students living in the Cottages are required to be on a full board plan.  The cottages are quiet and chemical free living areas.
Resident Information:
53 Macalester – 5 residents:  1 single, 2 doubles
57 Macalester – 3 residents:  1 single, 1 double

Bathrooms: One bathroom in each house.
Laundry Facilities: 53 Macalester Street has a basement laundry room that is shared with 57 Macalester Street.
Kitchen: not available.
Internet Access: There is Ethernet  and wireless service available in each cottage.
Lounges: Each cottage has a furnished common area.
General Room Information: The Cottages have both single and double rooms.
Room Dimensions: Single: 7’ x 11’ to 10’2” x 10’1”
Double: 11’8” x 11’11” to 13’4” x 12’4”;