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Who can study away?

Any Macalester student can! Macalester encourages you to pursue study away as an enriching component of your liberal arts education along the path of global citizenship. The following majors require a semester of study away:

  • Anthropology,
  • Asian Studies,
  • Chinese,
  • Classical Mediterranean and Middle East,
  • French and Francophone Studies,
  • German Studies,
  • Spanish,
  • International Studies,
  • Japanese,
  • Latin American Studies, and
  • Russian Studies.

All students who wish to study away for a semester or longer must receive approval from the Study Away Review Committee. Read more about eligibility

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Do I have to take courses for my major or minor during study away?

If your major or minor requires it, yes.  If not, you can include a class from study away in your major, minor, or concentration plan, but it is not required. Some students use study away to explore other areas of their liberal arts education.

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How long can I go?

You may apply for a single semester of study away during your tenure at Macalester. Only in very exceptional cases will students be considered for an academic year, and in these cases only on certain programs or in extraordinary cases where a full year of study is essential to the student’s educational program. Read more about when and how long you can study away

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When can I go?

You can study away during your junior or senior year, as well as the second semester of your sophomore year. First year students, first semester sophomores, and transfer students who enter as juniors may not participate in study away (except January, summer, and special Macalester­-organized programs). Read more about eligibility

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Can I go during J-­term or summer?

Yes  but the process and level of support is different than for semester programs.
Read more about January and summer programs

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How do I find a study away program?
Read more about study away programs

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Can international students study away?

All international students are eligible to study away at Macalester. Macalester financial aid can be applied to study away costs for international students in specific circumstances. Read the full policy financial policy for international students on study away

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When do I submit my application?

Submit your Study Away Application in early December during the academic year before you would like to study away. Whether you study away in the fall or spring semester, the deadline is the same. This means that if you want to study away as a senior, you submit your application in December of your junior year. If you want to study away as a junior (as most students do), you submit the application in December of your sophomore year. And if you want to study away as a sophomore, you submit the application in December of your first year.

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Why is there a single annual deadline for study away applications?

The main goal of this policy is to achieve rough equality between the two semesters, which helps the college with planning and finances. By reducing the overall cost of study away, more students can take advantage of this excellent learning opportunity.

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Can I choose which semester I go?

In your Study Away Application, you will indicate your semester preference. You will also have space to explain your reasons for choosing a particular semester. We cannot, however, guarantee that you will be approved for your preferred semester, as our goal is to have roughly the same number of students studying away in both semesters. Read more

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Who reviews the Study Away Applications?

The Study Away Review Committee (SARC), consisting of the Registrar and two faculty members, reviews and approves all applications. Read more about the application review process

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Do I need to wait for Macalester approval before applying to my program?

Talk with your study away advisor about the best timeline for your specific program. If your program has an early deadline or fills up quickly, you should apply as soon as possible. Read more about what to do after Macalester approval

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What should I do if my plans change?

If your study away plans change, it is important to contact the Center for Study Away immediately. You may have the option to defer your plans to a future semester, cancel your plans, or change programs. Which of these options are open to you depends on the point in time that your plans change, whether a change is voluntary or not, and other factors. Read more about Change of Plans.

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How much will study away cost? Is it covered by Financial Aid?

Read more about Study Away Costs and Financial Aid

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How do I earn credit at Macalester for study away coursework? 

The Macalester credit you earn while studying away is determined by the number of credits awarded by the program or university you attend.

Students studying away are subject to the same pass/fail grading policy as students studying on-campus. The declaration of this grading option is usually made according to the rules of your study away program or university. If the program has no provision for pass/fail grading, you may declare it by submitting the Study Away Course Pass/Fail Form to the Macalester Registrar with the required details. You can make this declaration beginning in the final four weeks of your program. You must make your declaration no later than the final day of classes for your program.

You are required to carry a full-time load of coursework (12 to 18 semester credits). Course loads greater than 18 credits must have the prior approval of the Registrar and are subject to supplemental Macalester tuition charges in addition to your program costs. 

Will my grades count?

All coursework from a semester or academic year study away program, including failed courses, will be reflected as Macalester credit on your Macalester transcript. All grades are factored into your Macalester grade point average. Read more about study away coursework

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I am an incoming international exchange student. Where can I find information about spending a semester or year at Macalester College?

Information for incoming international exchange students can be found online. Read more

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