To obtain a Social Security number (SSN), replace a lost or missing Social Security card, or change incorrect information on your Social Security card, you must go in person to the Social Security Card Center located in Minneapolis. There is no charge for a Social Security number or card



Due to current health pandemic, the Social Security Card Center in Minneapolis is not taking walk-up visits. To apply for new or replacement SSN, you must mail copies of your documents to the address below. Social Security office will then contact you by mail only to make an appointment for you to come in to finish your application.

Mail these documents

  • Send copies of these documents (not original)
    • Passport and visa (and old passport if it has your current F-1 visa)
    • Most recent I-20 (or DS-2019)
    • I-94
  • Completed SS-5 Form
    • Write legibly in block letters (not cursive) using black or blue ink only
    • Line 1 – Use legal/passport name only; do not use any preferred or nicknames
    • Line 5 – Tick box “Legal Alien Allowed to Work”
    • Lines 9 & 10 – If you are under 18 years old and applying for Social Security Number (SSN), complete the lines. For mother’s “Last” name, use their maiden surname (name at birth before marriage). For 9B and 10B, leave blank unless your parent(s) have U.S. social security number (SSN). If parent(s) have SSN but you don’t know it, mark Unknown.
    • Line 12 – Complete only if you are applying for replacement SSN, NOT for initial SSN
    • Line 15 – If you don’t have a U.S. phone number, use ISP’s office number, 651-696-6992.
    • Line 16 – Mailing Address – if you are current student and receive mail on-campus, use campus mailing address on 2 lines (otherwise use address you are living at)
      • C/O ISP, 1600 Grand Ave
      • St Paul, MN 55105
  • Student Employment Administrator and DSO Attestations Form (on letterhead)

Location & Hours

SSA Card Center
1811 Chicago Avenue, Suite 2
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Map   Directions
Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
(although the line may close at 3:30 pm)
Make sure you go to the Card Center building Closed on U.S. Federal holidays. Mondays and Fridays are busiest; Wednesdays are typically the best days. Be prepared to wait in line, and try to get there before 2:30pm, as they may close the door if you are not already in line by that time.

After Submitting Your Social Security Application

  • Request a receipt letter from the Social Security official (proof that you applied and contact information if you have problems).
  • Wait 1-3 weeks for your Social Security card or SSN to arrive.
  • After you receive your card, you will need to update the following:
    • Sign your Social Security card.
    • Log onto GLACIER and update your profile with your SSN. If prompted to do so, print out required forms and sign it, bring your Social Security card and forms to Mac’s Employment Services Office at 77 Mac. Due to the heath pandemic, you may send the signed PDF to
    • If you have U.S. bank account, share your SSN with your bank.
    • Keep your Social Security card safe! It is not an ID so do not carry it in wallet or purse, keep it somewhere safe and share it wisely.
  • Beware of scams, people posing as government officials with threatening phone calls, requesting you send them money or personal information, e.g, email, phone number, your address, SSN.
    • Do not share your Social Security Number (SSN) with anyone you do not trust or know via email, over the phone, etc.
    • Learn more about SSN scams from the U.S. government’s Federal Trade Commission site, you may also watch their video.
    • Learn about other scams from this U.S. government site.
    • U.S. government officials generally contact you by mail if you need to follow up with something, not by threatening phone calls and asking for money.
    • Arizona State University has a video regarding scam contacts.
    • Let ISP know if you get letter, call, email, etc. and we can help you figure out if something is a scam or real contact.

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