Whether it’s changing the conversation about sexual health, improving sleep, or increasing student resilience, the health promotion’s wellness initiatives aim to foster a campus environment in which students feel empowered to make healthy choices that contribute to their overall personal and academic success.


Sexual Health
& Respect


Resilience, Self-Care
& Thrive Strategies

Alcohol, Tobacco
& Other Drugs

Suicide Prevention

Health Promotion Team

Each member of the Health Promotion student team brings their unique perspectives to a collaborative effort to offer education and initiatives that enhance the health of our community.

Join the Team!

  • Become a Health Promotion student team member — application will open early in Spring 2022. 
  • Become a SEXY Trainer — application for SEXY Trainers will open early in Spring 2022.
  • Lead a movement class — email to apply.
  • Johanna Caskey ‘22 is a Psychology major from up North –  Duluth, MN. Johanna’s favorite animal is a pot-bellied pig and she hopes to do clinical work with children as a career.
  • Linden Kronberg ’22 is from Ann Harbor, MI and is an International Studies major.  Linden’s dream job – a Sailor.  He enjoys swimming in cold water.
  • Mona Reddad ‘22 is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan and is studying Neuroscience and Community & Global Health.  Dream job – occupational therapist!  Mona would love to have a camel as a pet, or even just as a friend.
  • Leen Diab ’22 is from Syria and studies Computer Science, Anthropology, and Community and Global Health. She spent her time during COVID crocheting a blanket and is trying out weaving next.
  • Andrew Brown ’23 is a Neuroscience major from Cottage Grove, MN.  Dream job – Author.  Andrew challenges you to find a bigger fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, you never will though!
  • Lily Lorenzen ‘23 is an English and Geography major from San Francisco, California. She plays soccer and believes pancakes to be the best breakfast entree.
  • Phia Mitnick ‘23 is a Philosophy major from Brookline, Massachusetts. Her passions? Consent, and of course, the FOX hit series The Masked Dancer.
  • Inaara Peermohammed ’23 is a Neuroscience major from Arizona. For her, there is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book or spending time with friends and family.
  • Rebecca Driker-Ohren ’23 is from Huntington Woods, Michigan and is majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies. She remains steadfast in her love for her favorite snack of cucumbers and tomatoes—something she’s enjoyed since she was only 3!
  • Kanon Nakajima ’23 is a Neuroscience major from Chiba, Japan. Their passions range from ballet to baking and in their spare time, Kanon mentors high school robotics teams.