Whether it’s changing the conversation about sexual health, improving sleep, or increasing student resilience, the health promotion’s wellness initiatives aim to foster a campus environment in which students feel empowered to make healthy choices that contribute to their overall personal and academic success.

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Health Promotion Team

Each member of the Health Promotion student team brings their unique perspectives to a collaborative effort to offer education and initiatives that enhance the health of our community.

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  • George Kidess ’21 is a Neuroscience major from Amman, Jordan.  Dream job – Doctor.  George loves to cook and has a mean marinara recipe, from scratch, that can be made in under 15 minutes.
  • Zarra Marlowe ’21 is  a Studio Art & English (Writing) major from Jackson, Fl.  Dream job – anything that will allow her to feel fulfilled while creating art.  Pets include a bearded dragon and snails.
  • Brooke Offenhauser ’21 is a Neuroscience and Psychology double major on the Pre-Med track who is from Cottage Grove, MN.  Dream job – Health Promotions Specialist!  Quirky fact about Brooke is that she collects quarters.
  • Carina Ramorino, ’21 is a Psychology major with a Anthropology minor who hails from San Francisco, CA.  Dream job – clinical psychologist working with PTSD.  Carina’s a big fan of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.
  • Lia Yamasato ’21 is a Biology major from Kauai, Hawaii.  Dream job – Psychiatrist.  Lia has used quarantine to learn how to roller skate and if you see Lia falling down around campus wave hi!
  • Johanna Caskey ’22 is a Psychology major from up North –  Duluth, MN.  Johanna’s dream job – a Clinical/Counseling Psychologist.  And her dream pet – a pot belly pig.
  • Linden Kronberg ’22 is from Ann Harbor, MI and is an International Studies major.  Linden’s dream job – a Sailor.  He enjoys swimming in cold water.
  • Mona Reddad ’22 is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan and is a Neuroscience major.  Dream job – us at Health Promotion!  She is also known to dance in her own fun way.  Plus she’s leading a hip hop class for us this fall.
  • Annika Wennerlund ’22 is a sophomore Neuroscience major hailing from Minneapolis.   Dream job – Primary Care Physician.   Annika once had a toothpick surgically removed from her foot.
  • Andrew Brown ’23 is a Neuroscience major from Cottage Grove, MN.  Dream job – Author.  Andrew challenges you to find a bigger fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, you never will though!
  • Phia Mitnick ’23 is a Philosophy major from Brookline, MA.  Dream job – Public Defender.  Phia loves terrible/ugly postcards.  Whenever Phia goes somewhere new Phia tries to find the ugliest to add to the collection.