Spring 2020 Remote Tutoring

The MAX Center is ready to help students remotely for the rest of the spring semester.

Remote Writing Tutors

Effective immediately, students may schedule remote appointments with writing tutors and counselors using WC Online. Study skills appointments with Becky Graham may also be scheduled there.

Remote Science, Math and Economics Tutors

You must have a Macalester login to view this page and attend online tutoring. You can access links and information for STEM tutoring sessions at:

MAX Center STEM Tutoring Sessions google.doc

Please do not contact MAX Center tutors directly for assistance in these areas; instead contact Dave Ehren for assistance with math, or  Stephanie Alden for assistance with science or study skills.

The MAX Center: Where underprepared students prepare, prepared students advance, and advanced students excel.

The MAX Center assists students with:

  • the disciplines of Math, Science, Economics 119, and Writing
  • the skills required for good time-management and study habits
  • building a culturally diverse learning community
  • academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities. We offer individual and group assistance at no charge in mathematics, biology, chemistry, writing, study skills, time management, and other areas.

Beyond classroom work, we provide assistance with:

  • capstone papers and honors projects
  • personal statements and applications for scholarships
  • study-abroad programs
  • graduate school and professional school
  • preparation for graduate school examinations

When Is a Tutor Available?

Note that the math and science calendars do not show scheduled appointments, only tutors’ scheduled work hours.

Contact Reports MAX Center clients and tutors can report an appointment here.

Tutor Resources (MAX employees only)